Breaching the Environmental Disconnect - One Seed or Pit at a Time

in ecotrain •  9 months ago  (edited)
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Very good content
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This was such an enjoyable read. I love what you are teaching your daughter. She is going to be so ahead of the game and prepared to help others. You are giving her an enriching foundation that will one day be beneficial to her children. It starts at home and what we teach our children, you are doing a fine job.

I have so much to learn about homesteading and I am learning so much from being apart of Steemit and sub communities like @naturalmedicine and @homesteaderscoop! I love that you recycle the tissue rolls and make seedling pots, they are so cute and effective. Even if only 3 of your seedlings survive it’s a wonderful start :)

Thank you for sharing this post! Love your photos ~

This is super awesome and everything you are working on with your daughter is exactly what we are striving to do with the young people here in Cameroon. We are striving to bridge the gap between man and nature and we believe if we connect young people to nature, they can better advocate and defend nature, hence guarantee a sustainable future for us all.
Keep on with the awesome work @artemislives and i can assure you that if you take your time to gift the trees, then all will grow to bear the fruits you desire for the future.
Tree Love from Cameroon!

I love that toilet paper roll idea! I collected a great many of them to make tick tubes out of, then thought better of using poisons in my yard, so i have a big box full of them. Next year!
This is a great read, thanks for it all.