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Greetings, friends from all around the world!

Tough times, to the psychic of the people and for quite a big part of the economy. Of the world. As of last night, we are officially under some emergency rules in Bulgaria, as people are a lot of places across Europe.

I may not be happy about extreme measures with dubious efficiency which are sure, on the other hand, to stifle a vast majority of small businesses; then save large businesses with the people's taxes (paid by the small businesses mostly; then another cycle of loans of magic fiat money making the masses poorer. I haven't been more negative towards fiat money so far, by the way.

That is because I give too much credit to speculative fiction, probably. The White Plague by Frank Herbert in this case. If you show me in the comments a way to hide part of my text in markdown so that it is called back here on a click, then I will edit my post and make a spoiler alert and tell you what I mean.

But this is also because of something else. The possibility to get loans and get aid by the state (if you are a favorite of the state, that is, which no small business is in my case) has led to bad planning. I am just a beginner but I learned that a business should plan for emergencies such as these and be able to survive for at least six months on emergency funds. Wishful thinking? Guess how many small businesses have that sort of funds and they keep them for emergencies...I read that a giant of an Air Travel company cried for help (which might be more media crap, but I don't know and I don't have the time to go into that). That shouldn't have been the case. Giants should be able to help the states, not vice versa. Anyway.

This is what I am afraid of. But it will pass, as well as everything else. These are things not under my control. Or any single human's. Let's just hope that curve that scares the Globe will soon be reversed everywhere and things can go back to normal. As soon as it is not exponential and there's enough room for all who need help, we're good.

Until then, let's focus on things we can control

So, we are (some of us) on lockdown, meaning lots of our normal interactions are forbidden and that hinders us from conducting face-to-face business.

So, we should avoid contact and if possible, stay at home.

All right, I can accept that. For a while. It will be tough financially, perhaps, but it would have been tough this month for me, anyway.

I have tons of work I can do. And tons of things that need some time. I just have to be organized and I shall be able to achieve a lot.

Here we go:

Plan my website's functionality. Execute.

Plan some new proposals. Publish.

Get. In. Shape.

Edit some of the tons of photos of my family. Edit photos from previous trips. Publish the latter.

Make the Third Revision of the game design of my Western Shores project of a card game. Make a sketch of a working card design. The board game festival was postponed so, more time to prepare.

Read two books, read another one again.

Learn some programming skills. Starting with C#. Now that's a surprise to those who know me, I guess. But I just can't stop wanting to be too many things.

Have a good time with my family. Teach them something, learn from them.

Be present on the blockchain. The comfort for my need for productivity.

I think I shall stop here and add things as I go. It might seem simple but it's quite a lot to do.

Thank you for being around and take care!



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I agree. Everything is out of control and just goes crazier. And I am depressed. But you are right, it is time for Plan B!

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