New Solar Powered Barges Attack The Source Of Ocean Pollution: The Rivers

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Or at least 80% of the trash that is polluting the oceans are coming from rivers. They've identified 1,000 rivers which most of the garbage is coming from.

The Ocean Cleanup organization's goal is to have barges sucking up trash in all 1,000 rivers by the year 2025. That will effectively stop the growing trashification of our oceans.

You can see the trash going up the conveyor belt in one of the solar barges:


They'll keep those barges working and then concentrate even more on cleaning up the huge ocean garbage dumps, the largest of which is known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and is over five miles across!

BUT, and I just found out about this...there are four more of them! They are smaller but still miles across. Yuck!

Can you believe that?


The amount of marine life killed each year by ingesting plastic is depressing but according to the Ocean Cleanup's projection they will have 90% of the plastic removed from the oceans by the year 2040.

That's too long but still..when you consider that this problem has been growing for decades and is now being reversed...that's something to celebrate.

The way they trap the trash is by putting up big, curved floating devices which extend down into the water and they have this rig anchored. Here's a diagram:



Here's another model that's catching trash:


The solar barge in a river:


This video explains how they work:

As with most of the major problems facing the world, there is a solution thanks to man's innovative spirit and developing technology. And we're making progress on almost all of them. This particular project needs more funding though.


I hope these countries that have the worst rivers in the world where the solar barges are operating don't dump even more trash in the know, since they know the barges will clean them up anyway.

They wouldn't do that would they? Nah...people are better than that. lol.

Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!






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I imagine there is so much trash out there that there would be a need for 100's of these!!

Howdy sir simms50! That is very true and they are looking for investors and donors, I'm sure they can count on you? lol.

I'm all about cleaning up...little low on cash right now though! LOL

Yeah, this might take a few billion! lol. But it's pretty encouraging to see what they're doing. good just sitting around doing nothing at all!

Hi janton, this invention is fantastic and I hope they get the investors to keep sucking up the rubbish polluting our water ways. It is a shocker that people dump it where they do.
I am learning all sorts of things on your posts these days - thank you

Howdy angiemichell! Well the organizations like The Ocean Cleanup are doing such great work that we can actually get the ocean cleaned up fairly fast if they get more funding and resources. I think it's just amazing what they're doing and it's especially smart to go after the source by cleaning up the rivers.

It's just kind of disgusting to know that in many countries they just dump all their trash in the river as a way to dispose of it! Thanks so much for your kind words.

I've known about these for a while now and I really love it how you put together an amazing post about these really cool and ecologically friendly inventions.

Howdy sir ganjafarmer! I'm glad you liked the post, I think it's awesome news that we have these organizations that are doing such great work!

It's definitely needed!!!

But we have no idea what real pollution is as China and India are really bad.

Need to clean up the really bad offenders and of course these small measures in places that have recycling an care about the environment? It's great but already adding to our efforts while the offenders of the world get away with it daily.

China is on 41 days of being total lockdown for Wuhan. And no end and that's what we have to look at for us... 41+ days!!!

That's amazing about China. Yeah they pollute like crazy and no one says anything. Plus they don't care about how many of their own citizens die.

41 days is inconceivable in these times!

42 now or so... Yeah crazy.

I’m so happy to see something being done to get the plastic out of the ocean.

Cute cartoon at end.

Howdy redheadpei! Yes Ma'am it's very encouraging to see the amazing progress they're making. Still tons of work to do but at least we know how to do it and that it can be done.

That solar barge is awesome and doing great work. I know there is a lot of trash in the water but it looks unreal to see just how much. I hope they get more funding for this project.

I agree Butterfly. The organization is doing great things and have figured out the best ways to attack the problem, they just need more help in the way of funding. Those countries that have been polluting the worst for years should be charged for it but they don't have any money!

A great post, so much information, as always, good job, janton. Keep em coming 😊

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Howdy! Yes, I think it is very encouraging how they are cleaning up the pollution around the world, they just need more funding.

I'm sure they do, it being a massive project 🙏

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