Here's Your Social Distancing Solution

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

We like things big here in the open plains of Texas. In fact, everything is bigger here so it took a minute to see the advantages of these tiny homes called Eco Capsules with just 28 sq ft of living space!


But the more I study them the cooler they are and I can see more uses for them. They're totally self-sustaining units powered by solar and wind or just solar or wind.

Obviously the bed is a fold out:


They're designed to last one year on their own and can be carried or wheeled(or air-lifted!) to almost any location you want to get away to.

These things are perfect for getting away from the city and the crowds right now with the coronavirus going around! A year should be long enough for things to get back to quazi-normal...if they ever can again.


They have a composting shower and toilet so they literally leave NO footprint at all. They say they catch rain water too but I didn't see how they do that part.


I like the looks a sleek and smooth space craft. Perfect for a camping spot.


Or staying at the beach.


Or putting your mother-in-law in the backyard. lol.


Or on the prairie.


The design is quite excellent.


The EcoCapsule is made in Slovakia by a design firm called Nice & Wise. The only drawback to this concept is the price. I bout fell out of my chair when I saw the price tag of $98,000 or about 80,000 Euro!

When production increases they expect the price to come down to an affordable 50 or $60,000. lol. They see them being used in disaster areas for temporary housing and I'm like.."Not at those prices!"

Governments might buy them in bulk if they were 5 grand apiece. Love the concept, hate the price. If you have the money then it'd be a great option to get away for awhile. Especially in these times.


Thanks for stopping by folks, God bless you all!





I love it! I want one! I could make an office out of it in the back yard. An expensive office. I wonder if I could expense it. Hmm.

What is also needs is a satellite communications modem for global communication. Now that'd be awesome. I'm sure they could tack on another $10,000 to the price for that!

Howdy sir wwwiebe! Well they said these also had state of the art communications in them so they are probably set up the way you want it. Oh man, if they get the price down and you could write it off your taxes? That would be cool! It really would make a great office, I hadn't thought of that.

I honestly have considered buying a camper-van for just that type of purpose, too. Probably a little bit cheaper than that pod (but still probably more than I want to pay). It'd be fun to just drive to a new place to work for the day and then have a mid afternoon nap right there.

Traffic get bad? Just pull over to a highway rest stop for an hour or two, get some work done, have a coffee, and feel comfortable.

Man... suddenly another car loan doesn't seem like a bad idea! LOL!

lol...something like that sure would have tremendous advantages! Maybe you can find a much cheaper used one sometime?

It is really beautiful!

Then mudslide knocks it off the mountain side.

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lol..yeah that's true, you'd have to pick your spot carefully!

Put some nice boulder barricades around it.

Yes, there ya go sir sketch.and.jam!

The only drawback to this concept is the price

I was looking for this at the bottom of post ;)))
And, unfortunately, my "effrodable" price also differs ☺

Howdy zirochka! lol...hey I don't know how taxes work over there but maybe you could get one and use it as an office and deduct the cost from your taxes.

I haven't heard anything about the coronavirus in Ukraine, do you guys have it there?

Good morning, Janton. Unfortunately yes, we have it. There were 7 people affected, and yesterday plus 7 more.

How are you and Mrs. J?

Here is a useful link to statistic on the world map from Hopkins University

I'm sorry to hear that you have it there too, what about your jobs, are they shutting the company down for a little while?

We are doing great. We live in the country but Mrs. J works in the county detention center so she has to be around groups of people everyday, obviously.

They stopped all visitations so that will help and they are letting inmates with less serious charges go free.

Well, that sounds very reasonable to me. Glad to hear you are good!

What about me and my husband, our jobs aren't stopped. He goes to the office yet, and I work from home. Very quiet :)

I hope this thing passes quickly so your jobs are not affected! I think many labs are close to finding a cure.

Hope so very much also

Yeah, I was very surprised by the price. Not very many people will be picking those up!

Howdy sir simms50! I agree, I can't help but think another company could make these for 10 grand with a base model for 5 grand.

I want one!!! I can't afford one but I want one anyway. Instead of universal income can we have universal capsules? If we throw a huge fit can we all have one? I want one that bad!!!

lol...I'm glad you like them squirrelbait. I agree they are really cool. I can't help but think they can be made for 10 grand with a base model going for 5 grand. I don't see why they're so expensive.

Hey you could use one as an office and write it off as a tax deduction.

"Hey you could use one as an office and write it off as a tax deduction."

There ya go! There's an idea. LOL! Still need the money though. I agree, no reason for the out of everyone's reach price.

Someone over here could make them at a fraction of the cost!

Or for putting your mother-in-law in the backyard.


lol..howdy Rainbow Man! I'm glad you liked that line, thanks for commenting!

I was thinkin' put it on a KW frame with super singles an 18 speed and 600hp caterpillar engine...... Ok. Maybe an electric truck sleeper....?

lol...yeah maybe the electric truck sleeper. I think you should make these, how much do you think you could make them for? I can't comprehend the price tag but I think they'd sell like crazy if the price was right.

I could never be in such a small space!! Like canned tuna!! Nay!

28 sq feet sir kaminchan, I thought Asians liked to live in small houses. lol. No, I agree. It would have to be in an area of nature where I could spend most of my time outdoors!

Interesting concept and cute design. But price wise, it's not so great. It will probably remain a fancy design until the interest in them fades. But if they can modify the design and build one that is less then five thousand dollars, that could make a difference.

I think someone over here could build them and do a great job for 10 grand or less with a base model especially under 5 grand. I might do that in my spare time just to prove that it can be done.

There you go. A new project, a new leaf of life. Better than stuck here on Steem. lol

Yeah I could leave here and maybe 5 people would know I was gone!

a bit too compact for my liking and I don't really feel like I need a lot of space. One of my dreams is to one day have an RV and just be able to park it wherever. I think there are a lot of regulations on that sort of thing though. I dunno.

There probably are alot of regulations in some parts of the world but I really like your vision of being able to do that. To have the freedom to go where you want!

Those would be nice to take to the beach for the day but not at that price. 💫

Reading from the start made me amaze and wanting to have one. Reading more until the price, kick me totally out from owning one. Luckily, where I live we are safely isolated.

Reading more to the comments, I'm glad there are still people here. Where are you guys posting from? Steemit, Hive, esteemapp, partiko?

Howdy tonight heartbeat1515! I'm so glad that you are safe in an isolated area, good for you!
I've been posting from esteemapp, I haven't moved to Hive yet.

I see. Are you planning to move or to stay? I just log in last night at my place. I think around your lunch or evening time. I'm at GMT +8 so it's lunch here at my place.
I do live in an isolated area but I went out to work in the hospital, and I travelled by train.
Good day to you too.

We live out in the country and are well supplied so I'm staying here but my wife has to go to work because she works at the county jail. I bet there were far less people on the train, is that right?

The train is almost empty. There's still few people like me that are in need of the train.

Hahaha, janton, you win the gold medal for you ingenious invention posts. they tickle my funny bone. Are there any for 2 people to travel and live in?

Howdy today angiemitchell! Thanks so much for your kind words. I think two people could fit in those things don't you? lol. I think it would work for most couples. I agree though, they do need to make a larger model.