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Once upon a time in a WhatsApp group. An old friend who now works at a state-owned bank tagged me. He attached a news link from influential national media: 5 Facts on the Bitcoin BTC Panda Investment Case, Being fooled by the “Wow” service until he lost IDR 480 million. Because I know that he doesn't understand the problem of Bitcoin fundamentally, I simply reply with this sentence, “Wow, this is a common case.

There are even bigger ones. If you want to invest in Bitcoin, please just buy it on a crypto exchange in Indonesia that is already a legal entity. Don't play a Ponzi scheme like this. " Until now, he has not responded to my words. There is no debate (even though there are many gaps in my sentence that are debatable). It's quiet.

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Pu ka lom nyoe hahaha kasep saboh mnteung hahaha