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The mountains were covered by a white cloud of smoke this morning which was a good sign that the flames were being controlled at last!

I have posted previously about the dangerous fire that broke out in the mountains a week ago and the relentless task of the firefighters to reach the flames in the inaccessible areas of the high mountain peaks.
This post is a report on the latest situation.

Two days ago, our sky looked like this with hot flames burning behind our mountains.

The firefighters worked through the night and here is the same mountain this morning.

Here is another view of the fire clouds today.
It is 37 degrees C and the hot winds make it even warmer here, and we hear that it is in the low 40's on the other side of the mountain.

A suspected "Kite" bird that I got on camera in the yellow clouded sky two days ago.

And here was a similar bird that I got in the same sky this morning.

Now I know that the readers would want more information about the actual fire.

Watch the videos in this fire report;

The fires blazing in the Franschhoek and Jonkershoek mountains in the Western Cape continue to demand colossal efforts by fire fighting services a week since they began, with flames now burning high into inaccessible terrain and an approximate 13 600 hectares of land having been scorched

And That's All Friends!

Note: All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60HS Bridge camera.

May it be that you have also found some relief in the pictures.

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Are there a lot of people living in the affected areas?

Yes, here's a bit of information about the places on the eastern side of our mountains.

It's good to hear that they have got the fire under control 😃
Hopefully it doesn't start again .

Cheers and !BEER

Thankfully the rain is here my friend ad the fierce heat was broken today.
Tomorrow it will also be cooler and if the wind dies down, then that fire will be finally beaten.
Only until the next one comes.

Cheers and thanks!

Great, the rain will kill the fire and bring life back to the burnt land. Hopefully it won't happen so soon again.

Cheers and !BEER

In 2018-March 2019 there were 14000+ fires in the province Hannes.
That's only our province out of 9 provinces in the country. The Township fires are the most dangerous, as there are very little space between the shacks and those fires have claimed many human lives.
Almost every week there is a fire in one or another township.

I so wish that all of the townships could be demolished and that decent houses could be built for the people.

Cheers and thanks!

These are a lot of fires, Zac, no wonder it's so hot down there ;) ... sorry for that, but this joke had to be 😂

As I wrote in my other reply, it's also the fault of the people, and "normal" houses can burn too.

Cheers and !BEER

Hahaha, I think some enterprising entrepreneur should can the heat and export it to the snow laden countries 🤣

We actually saw the start of a fire when the farm laborers cleared a harvested land and they set fire to a heap of old produce.
Luckily the fire department was called out and they stopped the fire, as the wind had already spread it across a part of the land. The local farmers also gathered to help.

Cheers and thanks.

They should ban fire burning of waste on farms and rather collect the waste in skips to dispose of it safely at waste stations. The country is crying that there is no employment and many can be employed as waste clearers.

But the snow laden countries love their snow 😉

Burning waste is forbidden here, especially things like tires and such, and if farmers burn fields for some reason or the railway company burns the embankment of the railway, the fire department has to be informed. Maybe there are even more restrictions, but that's all of my knowledge about such things.

This idea is great, but you would have to let the farmers pay for collecting their waste if the government has no money to pay the new workers.

Cheers and !BEER

Yes, I have also heard from others that they have strict fire rules and laws, but in bigger countries such as South Africa and Australia it is not always people that start fires.
Mother nature also walks around with a Zip lighter in her pocket, as it gets very hot here and things get very dry. When a rock falls down a mountain and on its way strike other rocks, then there's sparks and they start fires. Lightning bolts also start fires and there's many other things in nature that can go wrong.
Be that as it may, the human side of things should be strictly controlled.
Sadly there are also deliberate fire starters around, "arsonists" and they also present a big problem.
Thankfully our fire fighting teams are very well trained.

Yep, the farmers will have to pay in any case my friend.

Cheers and thanks.

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Two badges in a row! Congratulations @papilloncharity 👍

You are certainly a very giving guy with a good heart @arcangel

Sadly two firefighters were caught in the blaze with second degree burns, brave men and women going out to control these run away fires.

Oh yes, I have mentioned that somewhere, but glad that there were no death counts.
Some people were also relocated, but they can all now go back to their homes, so it was a narrow escape.
The original Stellenbosch town was totally destroyed by a fire in the 1870's or 80s and they had to build the entire town again from scratch.

Fires and Floods, one wonders if Mother Nature is not trying to tell us something.

Earth quake of 1969 did damage in Tulbagh and Stellenbosch, I remember this due to close family friends daughter studying at the university at the time.

Nature is never fully settled, anything can happen.

Oops! This one slipped through, plus 2 from another guy.

Yes, mother nature is definitely warning us for the past few years, but we walk around blindfolded with lead in our ears.

Now that you mention it, I do remember that earthquake and that earthquake was quite something in the news.

We just don't realise how dependent we are on nature my friend.

Nature does not ask, if looked after will reward, when raped will rebel!

I could not have said this better if I tried Lady Joan.
An angry nature should never be in mankind's interests, but the money god reigns.