July/august promotions for my mythpunk novel Ragnarok Conspiracy

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My first speculative fiction (Mythpunk) novel Ragnarok Conspiracy, with bundled short stories Orussian Quarantine and Atheist Afterlife is available as e-book on Amazon, iTunes, Play, Kobo, Bol, B&N. The price of this e-book differs quite a bit from channel to channel and from currency to currency. And as there are exchange rates concerned, and I sometimes run promotions, I periodically post an up to date price list for all channels and main relevant currencies.

continued promotions

  • Free on Google Play from the UK (prolonged until the actual #brexit date, whatever that date might turn out to be)

permanent promotions

  • Free on Google Play from Venezuela (permanently)
  • Free on Google Play from India (permanently)
  • Free for Kobo Plus subscribers in The Netherlands and Belgium (permanently)

July promotions

Other than the continued UK promotion, there are no promotions for the months of July and August. At least not for the English version. If you like reading fiction in Spanish, and you happen to have a STEEM account, I want to advise you to follow @marylucy and check out (and if you can up-vote) the Spanish translation chapter she posts every week. I am currently looking into funding a promotion to get @marylucy and the Spanish translation of my novel a larger following within the Spanish speaking STEEM community. There will likely be STEEM prices to win, so if you like fiction in #spanish, follow and upvote this young lady.

channel overview

Apple iTunes€1.99£1.99$2.99A$3.99
Barnes & Noble$2.38
Google Play Books€1.92£0.00$2.99A$3.99₹0.00

Main story

As The Copyright Wars, started by a quantum-blockchain-heist, have ended with the creation of the dangerous Debrisphere, so has the age of communication, as has the age of both conventional and cryptocurrency.
In the post-war world where printing-base is the new currency, a young forensic scientist travels to the moon setting out to once and for all debunk moon landing hoax conspiracy theories. What he finds on the moon though, ends up uncovering a conspiracy that goes much deeper than anyone could have ever imagined.

Bonus novelette one

The Orus system’s Orussians had found a brilliant way to harness the power of labor by engineering ant-monkeys, a hard-working and unswervingly loyal slave species—until the uprising.

Having further manipulated the genes of her own male ant-monkey, Inoatar, and granting him free will, bioscientist Uriëlla has grievously breached the code of conduct. The barbaric penalty for these acts would not only involve her, but her entire clan as well. As a result, she must wrestle with emancipating Inoatar despite desperately needing him.

The uprising, Uriëlla’s actions and their subsequent fallout lead to a struggle of biblical proportions which promises to forever alter Orus civilization.

Bonus novelette two

When hyper-intelligent mathematician David is forced to confront his own mortality, his coveted manuscript on the ‘Proof of absence paradox’ threatens to die with him. Desperate to salvage his life’s work, he realizes that his exceptional mentee and protégé, Naila, could hold the key to the salvation of his manuscript and theorem—but their strained relationship may not allow for that.

Consumed by doubt and plunged into a bewildering darkness, David is offered a glimpse into a vast interconnectedness, the likes of which outstretch his human comprehension and challenge his theorem. As nature, faith and science intertwine, David gains insights which transport him far beyond his original manuscript.

Call for book reviews

With the total download count now in triple digits, and a few five star ratings from some readers, there is not much to complain about apart, really. I am though hoping very much to see a few book reviews on some channels and maybe on GoodReads. If you like this book, or if you read it and see things that you feel I as a writer could try to improve upon for my next book, I would very much like to see your thoughts in a book review on your favorite book channel. A book review here on STEEM would be cool as well.

If you (plan to) write me a book review, please drop me a message below or drop a message on this discord server, or privmsg me on Twitter. I can send you a free copy of my e-book for purposes of the book review. I would like to run a book review competition or lottery in a September with one LiteCoin in prizes (payable in either LiteCoin or STEEM). This competition will only commence if I get a message from at least three people that they plan to write me an (honest) review.