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RE: EARTHSHIP: this is how I will design my future home

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Looking into this option with my partner, still undecided where to build our earthship (or containership) (Portugal, France, Spain, Greece or Croatia) we were wondering what it might cost to complete. Have you any budget notion yet?

My (boat-and-house builder) partner is concerned about the tax on tyres (which should be recycled in a specific manner in some countries) and "R"values on earth-builds; and the permit for land. I suppose not that many tyres are used, but some of the materials do look high-end and may come with specific environmental law specifications. And all those wonderful organic curves takes quite a bit of labour, much skill and lots of time. (Great project for a second home indeed! You get cracking now!)

Have you thought about how long it might take and how do you envision getting a team of labourers together? In Portugal this has proven unsuccessful and they even recommend bringing in your own people.

Also, any ideas on what it might cost to run/maintain such a house annually? How much off-the-grid can one ever be ultimately in a European situation?


Thanks for sharing your great plans!

No budget notion yet. Just aspirations.

And not much idea of all the rest either! This post represents my sum knowledge at present.

Like you we are relatively open to the where. But once we have our location then we will look into the legal obligations.

I am imagining I should be able to pull together a team of friends & family. The opportunity to learn how to do this provides a decent incentive. Though we will likely have to provide the cheese and wine ;)