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From the pics I've been posting one would assume that I'm in this bone-dry deserty place. That includes us, as we generally only come her between December and April (though last year we ended up staying till June) when rains are rather unlikely. They would also be anything but welcome, since we don't really have any type of roof or take cover, not to mention all the electric cableage, musical instruments, paper products, cement, and everything we wouldn't want to get wet. A constant reminder to get that roof covered as soon as possible...

An Off-Season Visitor

By being so used to the dryness of the landscape, it struck us as a huge surprise to see images of this very property turning into a lush greenery, even during the last rainy season, which supposedly didn't have the usual amount of rain. One of our volunteers from last year visited Mazunte in August, and even though we were not here, he ventured over to the property and took this incredible pics.


This is the bus under the huge Guanacastle tree, all rich in foliage. To the right you can see the edge of the tire wall.


This is the photo that made me happiest. I was so worried about the berm, that is all the dirt we piled up behind the tire wall. What if the heavy rains wash it all away? So I planted bits of vetiver and pineapple tops, frantically watering them every morning, so they may grow some roots to keep the soil together. Well, as it turns out, with such a thick vegetation as it grew out on its own, there was no reason to worry.


Also from the front, our build looks pretty, immersed in this sea of tall grass.


We parked our vehicles inside the structure. As I mentioned, at first this was meant to be a garage, before it became a classroom.


Almost unrecognizable, our kitchen tree, where we usually cook, eat, and hand out in the evenings. The dish-washing structure is the only reminder of where this was taken. Even the ground, usually just a sand pit, is covered in greenery.


From the street the entire construction looks hidden. This is all one can see behind all that thick growth.


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Very creative and very cool that you are using tires that would otherwise just add to the piles of garbage that humans produce.
You had to be happy to see that everything was still intact, especially the dirt mound.

Indeed, that was my biggest worry, that the berm not be washed away. With our new green roof it will be probably the same.