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RE: EARTHSHIP: this is how I will design my future home

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@samstonehill,, EXCELLENT! Thank you for all of the very detailed photos as they showed me an issue I had been struggling with, of all things it is the "rain gutters" that supply the cistern (I guess the old brain is failing, haha). Your agriculture system is marvelous and I can't wait to try some of your practices here.
As far as the farmers going out of business, yes it is heart breaking to see generations old farms being closed and or sold for an American Companies misleading practices. Unfortunately Monsanto is only partially to blame for the U.S. corn belt failure "The corn belt in the US had it's worst season in decades this year" since this failure has happened as a direct result of Donald Trump's tarriffs on various countries, the Farmers simply cannot seel their produce.
I apologize, I digress, I have been studying the "Earthship" designs for Southern Nevada, U.S. in hopes of replacing the older house we have. Thank you so much again for your information and photos. Mitch


Hi Mitch!

Indeed there are many perspectives through which the ongoing breakdown of agriculture can be viewed. I follow two people on Steem who look specifically at the climatic changes causing this:


I find this aspect the most interesting because it is a natural cyclical phenomena. And once it is fully understood we can better prepare.

The Earthship is so clearly a step in the right direction towards this kind of preparation.

I agree it must be incredibly difficult for farming folk right now. But mostly because they don't understand the bigger picture. If they did, they too could better prepare. @iceagefarmer is doing his best to connect struggling farms with those who can provide quality information on how to adapt.

I wish you all the best with your potential house conversion and thank you for introducing yourself here :)