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RE: EARTHSHIP: this is how I will design my future home

in #earthshiplast year

Yeah I have the same idea for my farm.

Solar and aquaponics as well to filter and clean the water. Tons of plants and foods is going to be great.

Just wait!!!! More houses will be built all Hobbit style! Love the connection to the earth. Tons of insulation.


Awesome to hear this brother. It is so obviously the way forward.

I had never considered using aquaponics as a rainwater filter. Am curious to know how this works? Do you have to add anything to the system to make the water drinkable?

Well if run anything I'm going to drink through a Sawyer water filter. But other than that? Nope the plants do an amazing job cleaning the water.

Seen a doomsday prepping episode that a guy drank from his aquaponics system. Which the house and toilet flushed into.

Yep! I'm getting closer to making my home a reality!