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RE: EARTHSHIP: this is how I will design my future home

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wow, you REALLY covered EArthship on this post.,. nicely done!! and some great photos also!

the app for $10 is a new thing.. its based on a new design called the encounter model, vs the larger and more expensive global model..

Interestingly, i never did a workshop, and didnt even have youtube when i started my build.. and i succeeded! as mike says, you CAN build it yourself!

I hope to be part of your build when it happens!


Ever hear of mike oehler?

I met him and got a bunch of his books including the $50 and under underground house book.

Not sure about all this other book. But really I doubt the workshop is worth the cost.

i havent heard of him.. souds interesting.. but yeah workshops are rarely worth the money in a sense.. they give you a taste but you have to really get stuck into a build from start to finish to really learn.. i personally learned on the job! it worked ;_)

Yeah Mike is the pioneer of the technology. And an amazing one at that.

Yeah I've done quite a bit of building and this is an amazing idea. Have your home make the environment and include power....

It's a totally different idea when you are the one putting it together. And why pay money to build someone's home. When you can build yours...

I just looked up mike oehler and he looks like a real legend!

Amazing you were able to meet him.

Yeah he is an amazing builder. If I could I would go visit. Beautiful home for sure...

Thanks for being the inspiration on this one Alex! And great to know you were able to do it without doshing out $3000 on a course. There is something deeply familiar about this design and even with my basic knowledge I feel confident to attempt this. I suspect many of us used to live a similar way a long time ago.

Your offer of help is greatly appreciated! I will very likely take you up on that when the time is right 🙏🏻

@dmwh mentioned to me over on EcoVillages that you have an ebook?

Is this something you think would be useful for me?

very happy i have been some inspiration, really!
I had the books for years, and they were very helful.. for the rest, it was MUCH better to work independantly in the end as i did things differently and didnt have to buy their systems from the USA, which costs a LOT ..

I do have two books, one is the story of how i built,, lots of gems in there.. and another all about biotecture to help understanding.. the most technical info i have on steem posted.. the earthship biotecture transcribed series is gold really to learn..

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