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RE: EARTHSHIP: this is how I will design my future home

in #earthshiplast year

This is a great intro post to Earthships. You've effectively doubled my current knowledge of their capabilities. These seem like they will become the standard home of the future once all of the crazy building rules start being ignored by more and more people.

If things align I'd definitely participate in your build when the time comes. It will be interesting to see how quickly the Portugal based ecoVillage is ready to do a build. With @eco-alex at the helm of that, it would be a great learning experience.


Posts like this are my way of learning the info... and sharing it at the same time ;)

Agreed they really do seem like the home of the future and I am still pushing myself to learn as much as I can...

Let us see how things pan out. And thank you for your offer of potential help. Having Alex at the helm would be a dream!