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RE: EARTHSHIP: this is how I will design my future home

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The earthships pictured are absolutely breathtaking! I will definitely read more about them.

One question though - are there any earthships designs for extra warm climates? I am quite curious as to how temperatures over 40 Celsius are managed if only one wall is dispersing the accumulated heat.


This is a very good question! And I'm sorry to say that I don't currently know the answer, though I do know lots of eco folk in Indonesia who would. Am thinking the answer is probably a yes. If the house is built into the ground, the temperature should naturally be lower there. Though I am thinking that extra ventilation shafts are likely necessary to ensure decent air flow.

A quick google took me to an entire Island in Indonesia where Earthships are being built. Quoting the article:

"The building under construction is less than 20 degree Celsius inside, while the outdoor temperature is unbearable."

So, there we have it!

I'm definitely going to look into this since I am currently in Mexico with a few people who are looking at land and the climate here is on the more hot and humid side.

Very interesting!
A structure that self regulates indoors temperature is an ecological must have.
I trust that winters are easier to manage with a wood fireplace or something similar.