Earth Deeds: Day 4 of Recycling

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If you have not join the initiative and contest of @abundance.tribe. I invite you to participate. You can check it right here

June 1,2020

It's now Day 4 of my recycling. Last time I shared to you my plan of making a recycled basket. I gathered lots of old papers and now I continued building the basket.

My goal is to set a minimum of 10 squares per day.

Rolling the papers and then flatting it.

I used an adaptor to form the square shape.


See you on Day 5

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I can't upvote you
I don't see your act in nature or street
I don't see you recycling trash in public bin
I would like to... but my initiative is cleaning up the PLANET

It's okay! Even though I may not be recycling or cleaning up in the streets. I am starting it inside the house. Instead of throwing the garbage, I Recyle and preventing the garbages from scattering. Because sometimes stray dogs and cats are digging up trash bins. Ending up on scattering the trash again.

I think recycling is also an another way to keep the planet clean.

Instead of burning these papers. RECYCLE
Which can protect the ozone layer.

If you recycle, you do not need to throw the garbage in the trash bin. Which might add up to the tons of garbage in the dump site. Plus I am not sure if some of the collectors handle the garbages properly.

So I chose to recycle because it is an alternative and good way to clean and help the planet.