Earth Deeds: Day 2 of Recycling

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It's now my Day 2 of recycling. By the way I would like to invite you to join this great initiative and contest of @abundance.tribe. You can check it right here

Today I continued cutting wrappers because my goal is to fill the whole container. I cut the wrapper of a cereal and it is bigger compared to yesterday's wrapper.

Another thing that I included in my recycling was I am planning to make a basket out of old papers.

Here are some step by step process

After rolling the paper, I flattened it and then formed it into square using the adaptor.


The basket that I am planning to do is quite big, so I have to make hundreds of this.

See you on Day 3

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@cleanplanet congratulates you !
Could you show us the date of the day write on a paper ?
Showing that you put your trash in a public bin ?

This the little rules of @cleanplanet

Yeah sure! I will include a piece of paper with date written on it on my next post.