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He's beautiful, he's in demand. With alert, deep black eyes over a white muzzle, it stands in its evenly dark brown, silky coat on its hind legs and checks its position. Its shimmering coat has become its doom, however, and its appearance is virtually non-existent. The European mink is already extinct in Germany, for example.
It was hunted in the past strongly and finds itself today only around lady shoulders or in mink coats again.

Name:European Mink
Habitat:densely overgrown, near-natural banks of running and still waters / marshes / riparian forests
Food:small mammals (e.g. mice and other rodents), smaller fish, frogs, amphibians, birds, water insects, crabs
Mating season:February-March
Litter size:2-7 young
Life expectancy:7-10 years
Distribution area:Eastern Spain as far as the Urals, Central Finland as far as the Black Sea (original) / Northern Spain, Western France, Belarus, Russia, Romanian Danube Delta (today)
Threat causesvery strong hunting in former times / destruction of its habitat by deforestation, river straightening and water pollution / displacement by the more robust American minks, who were able to flee fur farms (since 1950)

Goodbye, European Mink.

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