'Earn Cryptocurrency' - Contest Results - 60,000 HP Delegated!

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Today, the posts have been judged and a total of 60,000 Hive Power has been delegated to the following accounts for one month.

Due to the fact that no post attained the (overly ambitious) goal of appearing on the google search for 'earn cryptocurrency' when i checked today, the prize structure has changed and the posts were manually curated.


These are the winners and their delegations (which have been sent or will be coming soon):

AccountPostTotal HP delegation

*totals will be updated when @whack.science and @syedumair have reviewed the posts. (Feel free to delegate at will and drop a comment!)

Thank you once again to the sponsors, @hellohive (27,000 HP), @azircon (10,000 HP), @abh12345 (10,000 HP), @meesterboom (5,000 HP), @tarazkp (5,000 HP), @whack.science (2,500 HP), @syedumair (500 HP).

Apologies that the prizes are not as initially stated, although the total HP delegated is higher than initially stated.

Delegations are set for one month unless anyone is being a dick.

Cheers all, have a nice evening!



Congrats to everyone who took part and thank you for your effort and work!

Thanks for sponsoring :D

You are welcome and this was definitely worth the effort and delegation amount. Hopefully in time, they will get some attention trickling in.

💜 Thanks a lot for sponsoring

You are welcome :)

Yo yo, since I picked 5 top posts and I don't know if 1 of them should get 1k HP or 5 of them to get 200HP.

I want to split it but I'm not gonna do much by delegating 200HP to each one. So, maybe the best thing to do is to up my delegation to 2.5k and delegate 500HP to each.

My top5 are:

Great posts my friends. Expect some extra delegation :)

@abh12345, when do we delegate?


Feel free to delegate whenever you get chance. That brings the total delegations to 60,000 HP!!

(Just checking, it's themanualbot - don't forget the 'the'! :D )

oh thanks a lot for saying that, I didn't realize. lol

yow, thanks for the delegation. this will go through a lot of curation. And yes, don't forget the "the" :))

Thank you very much dear friend @ whack.science for appreciating our work, and your sponsorship of the contest.
I wish you an excellent day

My pleasure. Thanks for helping our blockchain!

Thanks for putting me on the list of preferences to win some extra delegation, @whack.science ... That means a lot to me.

My pleasure man, Hive on!

Thank you for the delegation. I think it is great that I can now do some comment voting along with visiting a few more communities to help people there.

It's my pleasure to help y'all. Use it wisely :)

Did my part :) use it well ;)

Thanks for footing some of the bill for my crazy contest :)

I thought you were the judge :D

I will read them and delegate 500hp to one of them.
Am I free to do so?

Sorry I thought i'd replied!

Yes feel free to delegate to whoever you like. Thank you!

No problem.

I have delegated 500hp to @pitboy.
There were many other deserving entries, I wish I could delegate more!

Thank you very much!

Thanks a lot for choosing my post. I really appreciate it. :)

Congratulanos el banos!

5K dele-delivered!

Muy bien y gracias Boomy!

Y tu, por su fabulanos competencias!!!

Thanks ..Yes I saw that the keyword search did not produce desired results.

It might in time I think, but the posts add value to Hive and so I think a useful exercise overall, cheers :)

Congrats to the winners


Thank you very much to all who made this contest possible, organizers, sponsors and people in general who have voted. Our presentations
I wish you all a beautiful weekend

Thank you @jlufer and the same to you :)

Curiosity, but how long have most of the posts had a chance to be crawled by google? In my experience it usually takes about a month for anything to start happening. Also, I imagine “earn cryptocurrency” is a super competitive keyword set.

Google crawled them within the hour. 3/4 of them stuck for a day or so but then dropped out. I wrote about a few possible reasons as to why earlier today.

For sure, 'earn cryptocurrency' was tough, and looking at what happened over the past week and reading into it, only one post was going to appear at any one time.

I wouldn't do the contest for such a short phrase next time, and I'd be worried about only 1 post appearing if you were offering more than just first prize.

that's what google does it bounces pages in the begging its called google dance then it settles check in a month :P

We will get there without paying! :D

Oops, I might've not been too clear. I guess I mean to say how long have the post(s) been indexed by google. In a recent keyword set I targeted via a Wordpress post, I saw the post plateau in it's google rankings after about a month.

After the first month, the climb became much slower, but the post itself climbed to page 3-4 of google search results in less than a month. So, I think, in general, a month is enough time for the posts to get traffic and get somewhat ranked, but the real test is much longer term.

I jumped on my keyword tool planner and couldn't find any searches of volume concerning the hive blockchain, a real problem to solve first. If people aren't searching for Hive, then interest still needs to be drummed up.

However, there are plenty of Steemit terms still being searched frequently every month. There's no reason why we can't post using targeting these keyword sets with an aim of luring Steem-interested folks to the Hive.

Keyword sets of potential targeting could be "x22report steemit" "barry soetoro steemit" "steemit crypto". All these keyword sets are searched between 100 and 1,000 times per month but yet the amount of search results are as few as one or two pages for some of these terms. I think for the near future while Hive is still building hype that will lead to future searches, we could start posting a lot of "steemit" keyword based posts that will bring google searchers to the Hive.

Food for thought, I'm still working up an efficient way to incentivize this and make the guidelines not too intimidating.

I tried to chip in a little bit about Steem in my article because I figured something like this happens. For example, if you search for "hive", you won't find much information about us but if you search for "Steem hive" you'll find us. This means the logical progression will be to piggyback off Steem, for the short term.

To be fair, "hive" is a generic dictionary term. The main hive keyword pair we should rank for is "hive blockchain".

It's interesting to compare how different the results for it are when comparing Google and DuckDuckGo. The former focuses almost entirely on a "listed company" where the latter says very soon in its first SERP that there's more than just the company.

I've never used duckduckgo. I also could do a Bing search as well.

One important element here is the domain rank of the respective platforms. Steemit.com is now more than four years old and also has received many more inbound links over that time. Steemit has massive DA and for a long time had a solid nofollow implementation. Steemit also always resisted implementing a fair canonical relation.

Hive for its part is a less than six months old URL and started out with a majority of content with canonical set to Steemit (or Steempeak). Because of that Hive is much less shown in the recently algo than Steemit and it will take longer for new content to climb to their eventual spot. (Pro tip: whenever launching a site, if possible first seed the URL for at least half a year with few related articles on it. This will massively help google's uptake of your new content when you eventually get started)

But it isn't all bad. In a very short time hive has received a reasonable amount of inbound links from crypto news outlets. The hive community is also more used to promote its content on twitter, which may result in additional "social signals" and "live traffic" google measures when assessing the credibility of any site.

But it will take a while before Google ranks our recent content as quickly as on Steemit. We just don’t have the domain history for that yet.

Yeah the DA ranking for steemit.com is 90, peakd and hive.blog at 36 when I checked yesterday.

canonical links are a part of peakd and hive.blog posts too, but because they have started together (while steemit.com was on it's own for a while), it's going to take a lot of effort to get them both rising up there.

. In a very short time hive has received a reasonable amount of inbound links from crypto news outlets. The hive community is also more used to promote its content on twitter, which may result in additional "social signals" and "live traffic" google measures when assessing the credibility of any site.

This is a good point, we have started strongly on the Twitter front with Hive and there will be plenty of back-links from a strong DA site.

They count root domains, and so it's a case of linking our posts everywhere we can - pinterest and instagram even :)

I'm not sure it's a huge issue that people aren't searching for 'hive'. I'd like people to find the place naturally via content/interests they have searched for.

It would be nice to not be competing with 'hive blockchain' and other strong sites with 'hive' names, but hopefully in time we'll become more prominent.

So, when is your contest ? I will sponsor some HP if you organise :)

@abh12345 Congrats to the winners


Nice....Congrats to all the winners!

I'm sure the content will still drive people to Hive :)

In time I hope, cheers dude!

Congratulations to everyone who participated and got rewarded.
Stay safe


Congratulations everyone. I really liked this challenge, I think there were a lot of good entries, and I learned a lot from the experience. I now know why my last vote was a bit bigger, thank you all that contributed to the prize pool.

Thanks for participating and enjoy the boost :D

Thank you. I did not even notice it until pretty late, I think I will enjoy it, this week for the last 7 days beeme shows 1 HP earned for the last 7 days, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Wow! Thank you @abh12345 and to all the sponsors. Couldn't be more happy to have extra strength in maximizing my curation. Rest assured it will be used wisely or maybe I'll have it used voting myself 10x a day lol.. 😂jk.


Congratulations, great job!

Wow, congrats to everyone who took part. Hopefully we will get some eyeballs from outside. The contest can be done every month or so like - decentralized Social media, uncensored video platform

I think once a month might be a plan, I'll have to see if I can find more/different sponsors :D

It was great to go through these posts and feel a bit of manual curation after awhile :)

I'm really glad to see some great great post and I'm looking forward to sew more of them.

Enjoy the delegations!

Thanks for sponsoring!

maybe it will take time for google to rank hive posts higher? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yes I think so, but at least we have some decent work for them to rank :D

I was shocked for a minute just after seeing my HP. What's going on! Then saw your post. 😁

Thanks a lot for this opportunity brother @abh12345 . Thanks to all the sponsors. Now please give me a little guide on - how should I use this power for a month. Because never had such power. Feeling like a little Thanos already. 😜

haha :D

Congratulations, you deserve it!

Just curate as you normally would, I'm sure you'll do fine.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored and participated in this contest.

Thanks for taking part!

If you wanted to target the earn cryptocurrency keyword and compete for that search term, id say you'd need to create a comprehensive article that's around 3000+ words, syndicate it on other sites or get other sites to link back to it, then also drop it into social media and promote it with ads, in groups to get some social sharing and interaction signals on it.

Its a super competitive keyword, I held it myself for a few months before getting kicked off

Yeah I think you might be right - sounds like a beast project though.

The best of these will move up in time I'm sure, hive/peakd need to improve the DA score first which will take time.

Great initiative!
The maim thing is that we have learned from all of this. Next time we will do it better :)

Cheers @dalz :)

Yes a learning process for all.

Thank you and contrgats to everyone who did this.

We can all learn how to improve visibility from this which was the goal.

Now gonna try hard not to be a dick, unfortunately since rewards were declined on this post, their goes that idea =p

haha :D

Thanks for writing a post, hopefully in time they will rise in the rankings as peakd and hive.blog improve in Google's ratings.

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Been getting lots of these at present :D

I voted for your proposal - bring on the gamification!

Hahaha You have been really active then 😉 Thanks @abh12345! Your support is really appreciated. I hope we will get the votes together to get the proposal through..still going slowely.
cheers, liz

Thanks a lot for the delegation!

Sweeet :D

Hi, @abh12345. Thank you for the initiative and also, thanks to by all the people who offered delegations to the winners.

I would just like to ask a question: In the list it says that I received (or will still receive) 2K in delegations, but I received 1.5K (from @hellohive). Is that correct?

Once again, thanks... Because for me, this is a big help.

My pleasure :)

Yes I think @whack.science will be delegating you 500 SP when he gets chance, cheers!

Oh, now I got it. Thanks for answering me, @abh12345.

Wow this is pretty awesome! I’m really looking forward to the one month of booster HP!
Great job everyone.

Oh. That's a huge sum of delegation to be won.

Thanks very much for the initiative. It was a great time and an eye opener for us content creators to have our contents pushed to the top of Google search lists.