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Women are playing Aussie rules football and doing an excellent job.
The women's league (AFLW) only started a few years ago, but is already going strong, as is my cousin, Bella Smith.
She's only 19, and this is her first season in the big leagues; playing for the Collingwood Magpies.

She’s predominately a rebounding defender but can also be used as a utility with the ability to play up forward. Her greatest strengths are her strong hands and a booming left foot.

Player profile

Stats so far this season


We're 4 matches into the season, and she's yet to kick a goal, so I think she's due.
Collingwood are ranked 2nd, and they're taking on the Melbourne Demons, currently 5th, this Sunday 28th from 2:40pm Australian Central daylight saving time.

I'm running a market on; asking the question -

Will Bella Smith (#19) kick at least one goal against Melbourne on Feb 28th?

NB: Goals can be found in the 'Goals' column here - -


If this number increases, then the result will be Yes
If it stays at zero the result will be No
If she doesn't play, the result will be No
If the match doesn't go ahead, the result will be No

I don't foresee any circumstances where the market will be resolved Invalid


From Bella's Instagram

The Magpies have kicked 5, 6, 7 and 4 goals, in their first four matches.
So an average of 5.5 goals per match, across a squad of 30 players.

This has actually been a fun process, so if it all goes well, I expect I'll run markets on future matches too.

Countdown to kickoff

Dublup market

Primary market closes an hour before the match, market expires 5 hours later.

Good luck out there.