Censorship Solutions Exist - STEEMPEAK, DTUBE!

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In this HwZ 154 I decide to be more consistent. This video is a little longer than normal so I will time stamp the different topics. Shout out to #DtubeFamily777 aka #Seven77 on Twitter. Big shout out to the Dtube Team! I get a bit serious in this one when talking about internet #censorship. There is hope however, the Steem Blockchain and other options exist to fight the suppression of ideas. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend some time Hangin With Zainenn!

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2:38 The shining Light!
6:57 https://d.tube

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hi there @zainenn , first , i wanted to give you clap clap and more clap on the quality of your video , that moving background , live and all, i super love it , maybe you are in a green background , just so amazed on those technicals. Then second , i just followed you here and on twitter , hehe. Alright , with brave browser i am actually using it as well , especially on crypto activities , but to be honest , i haven't stopped using google yet, and i am getting your point about this censorship thingy, so i better practice using brave all the time instead , plus yes! we're getting rewards and that's really a plus f loving that ad blocker feature too. I have to agree with you on using brave and dtube un solution to all these dramas happening in google and youtube , as they say , we always have an option. And people will be better on using this too (brave & dtube ) it's not selfish , it's rewarding and helping. Thanks for sharing us your thoughts with this post. really appreciate it. Have a lovely Sunday 💚

The future is coming and blockchain solutions are necessary, our data is ours .

Brave us changing the way to use the Internet.
Presearch (duckduckgo) is making a innovation on search the Web.

Steem will be the future of social media based on crypto.

We still have work to do, many to develop but this will be the near future or maybe is happening right now.

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Well said! Thank you for watching. I believe it is happening, too much censorship to be ignored at this point.

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That true YouTube have been losing incredible and amazing and content creators for all the censorship that Google is creating.

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at first i read the title Exist ☞ Exit
what t ... :)

youtube is not censorship free
thanks ! @zainenn for sharing ! 💙

Congrats Steem awarded

especially thanks so much promote #seven77 💙7💙7💙7

Brave broser
New DTube vote & tag : if already voted on steem the message tx error appears

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▶️ DTube

What is this?

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Great video. I have been using Brave for a month and so far is awesome, great explanation on it BTW.

Checking out proton mail and the tag upvoting and creating. Awesome tips!!


I know I am replying to myself, but I just took a look at protonmail and here are the specs for the free account:

Our FREE accounts includes:

500MB storage
150 messages per day
Limited Support

Does anyone know another email service that is encrypted, free and has a little less restrictive limits on storage?



Yep, use it for important email. Otherwise if you like the product, donate to the team. I currently use the free account and will most likely upgrade in the near future.

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Great post, thanks!

We're on the same page regarding unplugging from Google and using privacy apps.

I've been using Protonmail for four or five years, and for emails I actually care about, I'll never go back.

I even email between two anonymous Protonmail accounts, when I want to access something online, but don't want to have to trust the cloud with my data.

Works perfectly, they don't delete anything you don't tell them to, and that way it remains in two places: the sent file of one account, and the inbox of the recipient account. Highly unlikely that both would disappear simultaneously.

For messaging, I use Signal, which is an encrypted messaging service based in Germany, and like Protonmail, they don't collect data on their customers or their messages. They also offer encrypted calling, though I've yet to use that feature.

I've defaulted to StartPage as my browser of choice for years and years, which doesn't save your searches, but does use the Google search engine.

But recently I have been using Brave more and more, along with Firefox Focus, which are lighter and faster. And, like you, I love being able to watch YouTube without ads.

I'll have to check out the new DTube. The old DTube was annoying enough that I stopped bothering, because my videos almost never loaded successfully.

Being able to post links is a gamechanger.

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Thank you for the great comment, 100%! Duckduckgo.com is great for a search engine. I haven't tried signal, I'll have to check that out.

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I have Duckduckgo.com as an alternative, but I've just never liked it as well, and I get more relevant answers from the ones I listed.

Though recently Google's algorithms seem to be preventing StartPage from getting the best results, at least in some contexts, which is why I've been using Brave and FF Focus more.

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Thanks for sharing the information.

Love dtube layout- hopefully it will be easier to post from my mobile phone. I’m not so good with tech but I keep hearing people rave about the non censorship on the blockchain. This is good - I think 🤔. Do you think the time will come when censorship will be possible or necessary?

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The only way blockchain will be censored is if the community deems it so, not some ruling body. Censorship is never necessary. Once you claim account (is easier on computer) it should be very simple to post your links.

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Thanks for your swift reply- I’m just curious seeing that governments like to control everything. I don’t believe the big brothers will be kool with having something thriving that they can’t control. In fact the rise of cryptocurrency is high on the current G20 agenda. I don’t think they are discussing how they can support it.
Re dtube - I’ll give the lion browser a try and see if I can post easier from my cellphone. Peace ✌️

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I don't think i can create tags. Using my mobile brave browser

I think I got around it now

Nice, yeah I use brave on my phone as well.

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Censorship has always been and will exist.
The strong of the day will always impose their will and will silence the free people, either in traditional media or in Blockchain.

Oh yeah, how do you suppose a true decentralized blockchain will be censored? Especially if the community appreciates the video?

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Dope page man, Loving the new layout to Dtube just need to get used to all the new features

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Excellent information!
Thank you for your support of # seven77.
And shed light on the issue of censorship and the solutions it offers

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Congrats! #seven77 #steem @nathanmars. To all the efforts i am so proud to all of you guys thank you and STEEM ON!

Like the subtitle in your video it make it so much easier to understand.

You forget to do prediction on our contest post 😁

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i tried relogin but it still don't allow to predict. it allow me to upvote the contest post though :D. usually it don't allow both then i have to relogin but this time even relogin fail not sure why :(

Sorry to hear it , but I think it's happening with you only , please can you try again

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today it worked :D

Great analysis. I believe Steem will be the leader of social platform. I also like to use Brave Browser and Dtube is amazing.

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Thank a lot for this information

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Thank you for your good intention informing us here.

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Worth for sharing,thank you @zainenn

@zainenn, Now times really turned upside down and we are seeing suppression of voice more than ever and specially the attack is increasing towards who are trying to speak the Truth.

Steem Blockchain is rising strong and giving an opportunity of Unstoppable voice. And i am really excited for this Decentralised journey. Stay blessed.

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Brave browser and Presearch search engine both are changing the way we use interent. Its new way of using the web.

I am a happy brave user and have been using it since last few month. This works so fast and quite secure too. Thanks for the nice video.

i need to use protonmail asap ;)
thank you man for sharing