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in dtube •  8 months ago 

Great job 👍.

Wish i could play an instrument lol. Is that a piano or keyboard?

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It is a Yamaha YPG 535, 88 keys, non weighted Keyboard. It has all the band and drum tracks I need for most things.
I create or buy Midi files (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) which are computer files that tell the keyboard what drums, when to play strings, how fast/slow what key etc... All of which I can change, even on the fly.
That way, I can dial up a song, put start and Frank Sinatra (for instance)
and his band will come out the speakers, and I can either stand there and
Play along or, since I wear a wireless headset mic, I can walk around and
I've been playing piano 53 yrs now.
Thanks @weirdheadaches, I wish it were smoother and I'd had practiced it more.