MTG Arena - God Eternal white & green deck

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MTG:Arena - God Eternal white/green deck

Magic the Gathering: Arena has had some changes since I played earlier in the year. These include a bunch of old cards I used, being changed to historics! This was annoying due to practically all my old decks needing to be deleted, with 1/3 or more set as historic cards.

Once I got a few decks made to get me started (there are preset decks that are good, but I wanted my own) I proceeded to go for some wins. I used a green/white deck with some God Eternal named cards, which a ferocious when you use them well and you will see what it can do in this video.

More decks were made and I want to show off what mine are like, if I win or lose, new cards and why the game is my favourite card game to play.

I cut out a few small bits and this is to mainly skip slow parts of the match.

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Is MTGA a free to play game? I'm interested in it for a while now but I don't know the rules.

Free to play mate. Just download and start playing and working on your card collection.
Basically you need to play land cards as your mana and they get tapped (used) when you play cards with your land cards. There should be a tutorial on the game, or you can google it etc.

Will do, thanks for the reply~

There should be a tutorial on the game, or you can google it etc.

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