Path of Exile - Hardcore solo self found practice Pt #1

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Path of Exile - Hardcore solo self found practice Pt #1

It has been at least 2 leagues now, since I was last in a #poecomp that is always held by #mattclarke to celebrate the release of a new league. Reason I couldn't join was both slow internet speeds stopping me downloading upon league release, at a good enough speed, plus time. But now that will change for the next competition which I have strong hopes in it still being held and a fierce competition/turn out for it this time around.

For this practice I have gone duelist as the first of many characters I can choose from to keep learning and getting better at the game with and it is a lot of fun, playing Path of Exile on hardcore once more. This is started from act 2 as I didn't want to have the boring first act shown and wanted it to be more exciting, which it started to get in act 2.

My intro was created by me both audio and visual.
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Oh my, I did not know people where already training for the next one!

I'm looking forward to watching PoE live stream in a couple of days to see what is coming up.

Well I have things to catch up on and it's been a while, so I just wanted to both practice HC, while also learning the later game.

Great to see :) So much fun ahead.
1: Yes, I'll be running it again, and again and again.
2: I'm going to pour a glass of wine when the kids go to bed, and watch this :)
3: If you die, don't tell me. I want it to be a surprise.

Awesome! My partner knows I will be doing it, so that day will be freed up. :D
Oh if I was to die both in practice and the competition, I will be recording and making sure the video shows it. :)

Keen for the new league. I take it, it comes out somewhere around the end of first week in December? Going by the release dates for previous leagues, if so then that's when my course should be about done and I got free time galore. :)

Big update coming. We'll know more in a couple of days.

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