DTube Rewind 2019: Trends that actually matter

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It's the end of the year, which means it is the time where we take a look at everything that is trending on DTube this year. DTube Rewind is a compilation of all things trending on the platform for the year, just like YouTube Rewind but more relevant and less boring.

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Featured creators:
@adetorrent @alokkumar121 @ashtv @atnazo @bitrocker2020 @buttcoins @certain @chesatochi @clove71 @coruscate @d00k13 @dirapa @dragonblades @dtube.forum @elsiekjay @emiliomorles @emsonic @enjoyinglife @flaxz @freecrypto @gaborockstar @hafizullah @hauptmann @intrepidsurfer @ivansnz @joannewong @jodipamungkas @jongolson @joythewanderer @knowhow92 @larsito @mattsanthonyit @mvd @mytechtrail @nonsowrites @old-guy-photos @pixiepost @prettynicevideo @priyanarc @rem-steem @romafedorov @scottcbusiness @sergiomendes @tanbay @taskmaster4450 @tibfox @vincy @walterprofe @xr-hammergaming @yanirauseche

Also mentioned/appeared in the video (these accounts will not be part of the reward distribution):
@nathanmars @heimindanger @dcontest @teamhumble

All footages are used with permission.

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Fantastic work putting this together!
It’s great to see everyone in one place.

Yeah, always great to see every relevant people in one video.

Feel free to turn on subtitles as I think this is probably the only video on the current testnet that actually has one 😜

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/15 - need recharge?)

Thank you for your support 🙌

Epic work my friend. Thanks for the feature. It's been a crazy year.

Let's show everyone our power

Let's see if this video can be the #1 most liked video on the entire Avalon testnet history (or even the #1 most VP spent on upvotes).

From my queries, the most liked video has 104 upvotes, and the video with most VP spent on upvotes has received 10,768,347 VP in upvotes.

Let's try ehehe

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I am living for this. AMAZING. great job. Love it so much. ❤ we need to get this out there. It is on Youtube as well??? We all should engage and like and try to get it rolling with thwir algorithm. Congrats to everyone. And to an amazing 2020 ahead of us.

Generally, I no longer post anything on YouTube since I moved away from them on March 2018 in favour of DTube.

Even though it's good to get it out there, I cannot post this video on YouTube due to COPPA ruling, in which I could be fined up to $42,530 per video. It is a clear violation of COPPA as this video contains elements that is most likely deemed by the FTC that it features children, and some parts may be targeted for this audience group (e.g. gaming footage).

If you want to promote it, link this video, and perhaps an alternative IPFS gateway to watch the video in case it doesn't work (shows that we don't have a single point of failure).
https://video.oneloveipfs.com/ipfs/QmeMrTDkJhikJkqb2bRiS2uhBGJCmq67BPLbm4Tjvibopq <-- loads directly from OneLoveIPFS servers

COPPA is frustrating... :(

i know right 😭

Great work @techcoderx awesome video.. loved it.

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Uuaah! Good work! 👍

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Excellent job brother... I was waiting for this video for so long...

Same.but didn't disappoint


Absolutely brilliant!! You did a great job on this video & I felt such pride in the growth of our community this past year. It was fun to see all of our Steemians together here. For me personally, 2019 was a defining moment of time on the Steem blockchain! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this. Here's to an amazing 2020!!! :)

I guess we will see what sort of things that will be going viral in 2020 😃

Amen! Can't wait!! 🙌🧚😊

Whoever is reading this right now - you are beautiful and loved!
This text is wishing you to be whoever you want to be!
Peace, Love and Gratitude!


Lets grow Dtube and take the path of true media!

Well I am reading this right now 😊

But before DTube explodes and become mainstream, a lot of things needs to be fixed, including the comments, IPFS gateway switching and such. As a block producer on DTube chain I can fix some of them myself through pull requests but I have very little time 😭

Epic stuff lol, I was a bit taken away by the many creativity on dtube.

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Great work putting all of this together and visualizing the year of 2019 on DTube, and thanks for including me, have an awesome 2020.

nice work people :)

Great done bro! Thanks a lot for include me.

Very Well Done!

So Epic!

Thanks for including me in this video. Interesting to see so many people I interact with on STEEM included as well

Was a wonderful year, beautiful work bro, all Dtube community is happy 🔥🔥🔥 thanks for including me to ❤️🇻🇪

Thanks for all the work you have put in to create this great DTube Rewind for 2019 @techcoderx, this is very special and captures this year perfectly, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

This post is AWESOME!

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Nice :)


Congratulations! Faltaron muchos usuarios talentoso. Thank so much.

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Just tell me who I left out 😁

me :(

It is only my personal opinion, I can not comment who, to not go into details, just said that I would have liked to see more talented Spanish-speaking people, and not see several that were repeated in the video, that space could have been occupied by another member.

Dammit! I can't watch the video with this super slow internet!

You may watch it using an alternative IPFS gateway here.

Dude that was so freaking cool! Thank you for the recab of all those crazy, cool and sad happenings on DTube! You are awesome and sure you got my witness votes. You are a great part of this awesome community :)

Keep doing the outstanding work!


Now that is a real REWIND.Much sucess to all on Dtube and i´m glad to be here.

Yeah, in my opinion Rewind videos should be done by actual content creators who exactly know the real trends on the platform.

Yes i agree.Made by the crearors not from a corporate that think we like this or that.


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Yes I know the comment section is buggy 🤨

Great rewind video! thanks for the feature! you really covered important trends and topics!

Great job!!!! It was fun to watch!!

It was also fun to make it too

Congratulations @techcoderx!
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Better than YouTube rewind !

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Hola @techcoderx, gracias por la mención en este gran trabajo que resume lo mejor y los más importantes creadores de contenido para las comunidades en steemit y Dtube en especial para la comunidad hispanohablante. Me gusto mucho la edición, saludos cordiales desde Venezuela.