Even The Biggest Businesses Go Under

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Times change. As they say the only constant is change.

This is important when looking at a new technology such as blockchain/cryptocurrency. This is all part of Web 3.0. We are embarking upon an era where the entire Internet will be upended. This is huge.

Many believe the existing behemoths are too big and entrenched to be removed. Tell that to Kodak, Blockbuster, Radio Shack, and Sears. All went under.

The Internet made things cheaper for people while also providing more convenience. Web 3.0 goes one step further by saying "we will not make things cheaper. Instead, we will pay you".

Warning: poor video lighting

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I think it's time to invest in horse and buggy technology, before I miss the boat.

Nice seeing you and hearing your voice Taskmaster. Great subject matter as well!

Allow me to suggest that sink or swim of the companies by technological advances is not nessasarily not having access to the technology but refusing to embrass it as you were suggesting when talking of the reluctance of humans to change.

Kodak developed the digital camera and shelved it as they thought it would affect film sales instead of embrassing the development as the next new thing.

Short sighted east coast Xerox execs let the two biggest thieves of living memory, Jobbs and Gates, tour their research lab in CA which had the first point and click mouse in operation. You can thank Xerox and their short sighted east coasts execs for the Mac and later Windoze.

Companies sink and swim. Many humans are not far thinking. Yet technology brings the change whether you try delaying it or forbidding it, it will slowly but surely deliver the change.

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