The Masses Truly Have No Idea About Blockchain or Cryptocurrency

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It is easy for us to fall into our views based upon those we are interacting with. We get on Steem, or read sites such as coinbase and cointelegrap, and believe the rest of the world is aware of what we know.

This is not the case.

When it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, the masses are completely oblivious to what is taking place. They might have heard something about Bitcoin but the transition that is Web 3.0 is completely beyond them.

Here is the opportunity.

It is easy to conclude what we see before is how things are going to unfold. The truth is we are so early in this game it is hard for us to imagine. We are going to see this process unfold over the course of years, not months. It will be a slow creep for a while and, then, the floodgates will open.

How long that takes is anyone's guess. Each day more people are exposed to this yet it is going to take a lot of contact, education, and forwarding of information before there is a mass migration.

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It does feel a lot like when people didn't get the internet and thought it was just for nerds. Having been through that, I know the masses aren't interested yet. Will be fun when they wake up.

Once they wake up, it's going to be great for early investors


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Yes I feel you, sometimes I forget that other people have no clue about crypto, blockchains and dApps. They think I am some sort of genius or crazy person that spends too much time online.😂

I cant speak for you @ankarlie but with me, it is the crazy person end of the spectrum.

They think I am nuts for being so optimistic about cryptocurrency. After all the MSM blasted it so it must be true.

Can't agree more with your view. Even stocks passed through that stage and early investor who played safe gained stupendous returns.

...and early investors that played dangerously gets way more returns!

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Dangerous players have little success rate. Many of them,got successful but utlimately got busted.

I am doing this now for two years and I am have exactly one person in my entire circles who has joined me and stayed so far. And only because of Splinterlands, not because of Steem.

So true. I am retired and most people my age have not even heard of Bitcoin. And none of them have a clue about what a blockchain is it for sure what it can do.

I invest a little each month in crypto. I haven't for a long time you say it hasn't been here a long time.

Thanks for the post.

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Unfortunately I busted up my arm. So I was at a hairdresser last Saturday get my hair washed and braided. We started talking about past careers. The hairdresser it turns out how to programming and technology background worked in the industry previously. She heard about Bitcoin. And did not take on the opportunity to get someone involved with with that early on. She had no idea about blockchain nor web 3.0. You're right people have no clue. This is such a new paradigm.

The Masses Truly Have No Idea About Blockchain or Cryptocurrency

Meanwhile, and also unfortunately, those who do don't really have an understanding of what is really happening in crypto & blockchain.