The Game Of Money

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To most of us, money is a serious subject. This is not the case for the bankers and Wall Street insiders. To them, money is nothing more than a game.

It is ironic that many of those types debase cryptocurrency based upon "it being created out of thin air". This is exactly what they do with derivatives.

They move from one asset class to another, often using the USD to park their holding in. The fact that most financial assets can be converted into USD makes it easy to do. We could see something similar with STEEM since it is the pair for all Steem-Engine tokens and for SMTs when they are developed.

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And as you mentioned many times before: any crypto coin is not created from air it always required some amount of work and time

I actually prefer to hold more cryptocurrencies in the long run including Steem but hope that our roadmaps continue to expand the way we can use it as a currency. With a fast and cheap protocol, it is better than USD but lacking in its gateways!

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With a fast and cheap protocol, it is better than USD but lacking in its gateways!

This is why it's gonna take some time, but luckily the ecosystem keeps growing, and when the SMTs come. Oh boy. It's gonna be the same as with SCOT tokens: there's gonna be so many that you can't keep track of them.

People tend to be impatient though, especially when they aren't seeing earnings that would compare to a salary – and indeed it might be a better choice for, let's say, a photographer to work in something else where you can earn better, instead of trying to "make it" on Steem, IF you really are that good of a photographer. But even then, do those people really spend all their time working? I don't think so. So, you can spend some online time as you like, do whatever you like and not treat it as a job – and earn some Steem and few tokens on the side that in the future can be a valuable nest egg to play the game that only the rich have had the access on so far.

It’s s good point, and interesting to think about. I am intrigued by what the future holds and plan to be along for the ride — whatever that may!

U really made points one needs to have a great sober reflection upon, nice post sir @taskmaster4450

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