Stop Posting YouTube Videos On Steem

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We are social media. Many talk about promoting Steem on social media, overlooking the fact that we have social media platforms ourselves.

D.Tube made a major shift with its latest update. Users can sign in with a DTube account as well as with Steem. By logging on with Steem, a video will be posted on both platforms. When signing in with just DTube, the video is only on that platform.

Why is this important? Because everyone is a curator on D.Tube. There are no content creators. All videos are rewarded based upon a curation method. Hence, the platform allows (encourages) content (videos) from all over the Internet.

Facebook and Youtube videos are welcomed.

Thus, for posting a YouTube video link on Steem, why not post it on D.Tube and then put in the D.Tube link? The same holds true for videos that interest us which we want to share with others. Post on D.Tube and share that link.

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The problem for me is that DTube videos disappear after a few weeks. Or have they changed this and the videos are now there permanently?

You can embed youtube videos on dtube now

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I can never view videos.
I'm on a super-fast line it's weird.

There are a lot of people unable to view DTube videos on their connections. DTube videos also disappear after a period of time. So, uploading to YouTube and then posting to D.Tube not only goes smoother but allows me to provide my readers both a D.Tube link and YouTube or those who aren't able to view the former.

The day may come these issues get sorted but in the meantime that is the best I can do to both support D.Tube and care about my readers.

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Here's my philosophical problem with posting a YouTube link in When your video gets set in limited state (as many of mine have been) it disappears from

Sharing a link I can do direct, I can't see how it helps posting YouTube through

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The only issue with dtube may be IPFS, but your right— once we get our tube up and running we’ll suggest (and curate) tribe members to upload content directly. It’s better for the ecosystem.

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I understand why so many people like and wanted that change to Dtube. However it seems like it would really be a burden on them now to see what vids are really the poster's or if it is just a random tag.

Dtube has a lot of problems and is still shitty for now. I suppose the transition will be rather slow. People cannot just stop using what works best for them.

I dunno, it'll take me some time to process this and only time will be the true judge of whether or not this is successful, but I think that this could ultimately tank DTube. So many sites that don't require the use of being on a blockchain or integration with something like steem seem to be jumping on the bandwagon of doing so because it's the 'hip' thing to do, right now, to have the word 'blockchain' or 'decentralized' lumped in with ANYTHING regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

Those of us that are here and are commenting are the .0001% of internet users who are ahead of the curve, and instead of doing things that make the process of posting our content that we've created online MORE complicated (and unnecessarily so!) we should be instead focusing on providing solutions that deal with the growing threat of censorship and shadowbanning/manipulation on behalf of places like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. 99.9%+ of the 'normies' who are browsing the internet, they JUST want it to work. Even young people in their 20s find cryptocurrency stuff to be far too complicated to use, hence the popularity of stuff like coinbase or cash app for purchasing BTC, which is the best you might be able to get them to do in most situations.

Want to build a successful site? Focus less on adding in features that very few people total will ever use and that require more time to develop/maintain than to be worthwhile, and instead, build a site that has videos with the ability of being viewable of over 480p resolution. Also, your idea that certain videos should be uploaded to DTube or YouTube or whatever even confused me, and I've been around on Steemit since it first came out (though I'll admit, the lack of activity had me only return recently to see if things had changed). Also, livestreaming is the most important and fast-growing aspect of video sites, and thus far, dlive is the ONLY one that seems to be trying to make an attempt at tackling this, though they aren't doing the best job to be honest.

Just my thoughts.