Eminem - Godzilla Reaction. Did He Rap In Tagalog? (187 Mobstaz)

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#Eminem #JuiceWrld #Godzilla
Eminem's verse was faster than rapgod's verse! RIP JuiceWrld!

Eminem - Godzilla ft Juice Wrld Music Video Reaction. Did He Rap In Tagalog? 187 Mobstaz also featured a my reaction; a rap group hailing from the Philippines who rap in Tagalog.

Godzilla is a recent rap song release by Eminem, a rap song reminiscent of rap god for its speed and arrangement. In this video, we watch the Godzilla Music Video - Eminem, experiencing Eminem once again in his rap prowess.

At the end of the Godzilla Music video, I played excerpts from 187 Mobstaz rap song, ‘we don’t die, we multiply’ to add context to the beauty of Eminem’s style of rap.

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