Steemskate skateboard video , on life's ups and downs

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This is a short video I made for Steemskate. It comes from an early morning old man skate session during the week. I orginally went to the spot to try learn darkslides but given the golden sunlight I tried to land some casper stall variations.
The vocals and lyrics come from a legendary Irish friend and it concerns our shared troubles with dating.

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"Another message ignored
Another txt unread
All you do is mess with my head.

I’m tired of feeling hurt, I’m tired of being second best.

Just let me down gently and I’ll move on with the rest.
All I wanted was to feel loved, all I wanted was to be your number one.
But instead I feel sick to my stomach and numb.

Think of Ireland"

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Fucking awesome work bro!Too much style doing those Casper stalls. Atmospheric edit! Loved it!

Awesome stuff bro!
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