Wav-Legion Feat. Therese Lefèbvre - Long Day (Original Song)

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Original Song: Long Day
Producer/Guitarist/Vocal-Lyrics: wav-Dr.
Producer/Pianist: Therese Lefèbvre
Singer-Songwriter/Cover Art: Shavon "Bonnie Legion"
Video Producer & Editing: wav-Dr. Therese Lefèbvre & Bonnie Legion.

I am pretty much overjoyed to get to present to you guys today here on Dtube a brand new Collaborative track in our Wav-Legion Multi-Genre Fusion music project with myself, Canadian producer wav-Dr. and the very talented Therese Lefèbvre from Switzerland.

Therese is an incredible pianist who puts amazing emotive expression and energy into her original pieces and performances. I discovered her on YouTube and have been addicted to her content from the start. We created this fully original #acoustic #piano #vocalballad track in just a few days after presenting the collaborative thought to Therese who started us off wonderfully with a fresh and original piano instrumental to work with. wav-Dr. came in next to add some beautiful heart pulling acoustic work on the track with some low range very subtle and dark vocals, "it's been a long day" "I'm running" . This layed the groundwork excellent for me as a songwriter and vocalist being served with a completely beautiful and full of emotion instrumental and lyrical idea base. I drew from these powerful feelings intermingling together and added the vocals and lyrics that were pulled quickly out of my heart. I have had a gift or blessing of sorts since I was young to be able to feel great empathy for life and sound is my high point resonator. I tend to sense people very deeply through the audio creations they present and can pick up and match a vibe or tone quite quickly as I can become overwhelmed in a sound scene and the emotion in my head as the song plays out. I chalk this up to a very interesting, full and dynamic life of ups and downs, twists and turns, incredible adventures, world travel, amazing romance and heartaches and tumultuous and frightening situations. I am a full spectrum full-color wheel 12 women in one Pisces soul and I gravitate toward others who radiate out in a similar way. Intensity and passion, adventure and exploration and above all tremendous heart. This is what both Therese and wav-Dr. bring in for me, and my heart dances in that beautiful perfect feeling.

Video Production:
All three of us filmed each of our parts separately from home. They were all sent to me here in California over the wires so that I could create the final edit. Therese's parts were edited already absolutely beautifully with some gorgeous fades and extra angle visual shots, this really really made the video work much easier, it really fell right into place. I had originally thought to do a 3 way split screen but after seeing what Therese presented I wanted to continue the fade in progression in full screen of the shots. Right off the start I had decided black and white would go lovely with the tone and mood.

Track Release:
We will be releasing this original track "Long Day" as a Wav-Legion Single Featuring Therese Lefèbvre across all our normal distribution networks. The track will be available for listen on YouTube & DTube of course as well as Dsound Musicoin and Choon shortly. As soon as we have an official Distribution release date, we will share again with Spotify iTunes and Amazon links to add to all your streaming playlists if you should like.

Original Artwork:
Is an overlay of the 3 artists images I created in befunky with the beautiful sunset coming from an original wav-Dr. photo. Therese sits beautifully in the title of the track as I sing to the stars above.

Artists Quotes on the Track:
Dear Bonnie, dear Dave, it was a true honor for me to collaborate with you. I have been following your work, months long and just love what you do. You are two awesome artists who transmit so many emotions with your work. I love your style and I love how real your music is. We built up this song in no time, it all came so natural and writing with you guys was effortless, a simple pleasure. All parts sounded good at first take which is phenomenal. I love this chemistry and I thank you heartily for this splendid experience. - Therese Lefèbvre

Therese we are so excited that this just came together so effortlessly. Soon as we talked Wav-Legion collaboration you were on a fantastic original piece right away for the idea and wav-Dr. was able to pick right into the vibe with his gorgeous guitar work and this layed a beautiful groundwork and emotion for me to pull off of and express on. I am truly honored by this piece and both of your talents. Thank you for joining me and wav-Dr. on our sound exploration journey. I am a huge fan of your work and your expression on those keys, totally felt every time. You draw my feelers up to the surface. Bless you many times over - Shavon Bonnie Legion

Therese I have been a fan of yours since I heard you. Your music has so much passion and emotion to it it pulls me in every time. My Mom played piano when I was growing up so it really resonates with me. Bonnie you are brilliant and working with you has been pure bliss on every song. I have learned so much working with you. This song came together effortlessly. Working with you both is a huge honour for me. Thank you both for your inspiration. I've been teasing Therese that the next song we do together I'll Rap ;) lol Stay tuned. - wav-Dr.


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