Ambient Creatures - Original Music

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Here's a jam on my idiopan along with some light percussion. Later in the song my knotocaster appears for some guitar leads. The mood of the song reminds me of microscopic creatures in their ambient spaces ie the water bear. Thanks for listening :-) #idiopan #originalmusic #ambient

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I never listened to your music before. Very pleasant. Lovely effect. I didn't think of microscopic creatures in their ambient spaces :) I just enjoyed the music.

Thanks for listening :-) I had just finished watching something about water bears after finishing the song lol.

Nice effect and pretty music of microscopic creatures.


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I dig that vibe, brother... Have you heard of the sonic groove tribe? You would fit in good there. Happy New Year!

thanks for listening :-) I've heard of sonic groove but I can't seem to find clear rules on how to submit something to get in the contest. I know you have to name the round in the beginning and use sonicgroove as a tag...

Here's the rules post but yeah it seems a little complicated. You could still use the #sonicgroove tag for your music without joining the contest, it's run by isaria and shane so it works well when combined with creative coin and palnet.

Cool thanks so much i've been searching for those rules for a while now. For some reason search on this platform buried it.

I love this guitar 😍💙. Happy New year 🎉! I wish you to make a great success concert in 2020. Your creativity must see many people!

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Happy new year to you too, keep on improvising!