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RE: Interviewing @paulag about Satoshi's Treasure !

in #dtubelast year (edited)

Very well done my new friend! The efforts of @blanchy, @paulag, @littlescribe and the @steemclan team is one I greatly respect and fully support with no reservations!

These are the super investors of STEEM. They have invested a great deal of their personal time and skills in winning this Satoshis Treasure hunt. Their efforts are bringing attention to the STEEM Blockchain within the cryptosphere. Although winning this treasure hunt would bring one million dollars of Bitcoin into our Steem economy, the marketing value of winning would be priceless.

Thank you so much @clixmoney for bringing attention to this fantastic initiative here within the Steem Community and recognizing @paulag and the rest of the @steemclan team!


You're are very welcome. I'm always ready to do anything that can support steem somehow and exposing steem to the world is one of the most important thing that we can all do. It's not about the rewards now, but about spreding the idea of being rewarded just from creating content and make all those who are using other platform, not to waste their time there and come here to be rewarded and to reward others, but not to give that content for big companies that are just using them to make money.