Zebra Plains Mara Camp Bush Walks | An African Safari Experience

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At Zebra Plains Mara Camp you have the opportunity to experience Africa on foot accompanied by fearless Maasai warriors.

The experienced Maasai guides will show you tracks and signs, teach you medicinal uses of various local flora, point out the smaller things you miss on the vehicles, and of course approach some of the various African animals safely.

Meeting the wildlife of the Mara on foot is an exhilarating experience unlike anything else. Seeing lions from a vehicle is one thing but on foot is very different!

Safety always comes first so don't expect to be getting up close to the lions, elephants, buffalo, and other potentially dangerous animals. Those will be viewed from a safe distance. Expect closer encounters with gazelle, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, etc.

Walks can be taken between game drives or as an alternative to one.

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This sounds like a real great experience. If you say safe distance from the lions, how far away are you approximately??? I am not sure that I will feel safe when I can actually see them!!

If we see lions on foot we dont go any closer than being able to see that they are lions! The walks are not about getting uo close and personal, more to just experience being out in nature. As the Maasai people have lived in the area with the animals forever the animals are used to seeing them walking past and dont really worry unless they try to approach closely which is not done on a bush walk.