Southern White Rhinoceros Calf | Archive Footage

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A cute Southern white (square-lipped) rhino calf takes a look at the camera an shows off a bit. The Southern white rhino population is under pressure due to high levels of poaching and the possibility exists that one day there will only be archive footage of them to watch. The Northern white rhino is already functionally extinct with scientists desperately trying to save the species let's hope the same doesn't happen to the Southern white rhino too.


This archive rhino footage was filmed in 2011

Filmed in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, Greater Kruger National Park South Africa

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The purpose of the Rob The Ranger Wildlife Videos YouTube channel is to show what it is like to experience an African safari. Nature Documentaries are often highly edited to tell a story, wildlife safaris are not, and the idea here is to show the wildlife sightings the way they were seen. Safari tours in Africa are generally suitable for all ages and this channel can be considered an educational channel, some scenes may be more graphic than people are used to but this is the reality of nature and is what you would see if you were present on such a safari in person. Safaris in Kenya, South Africa, or any other African country are an unrivaled experience for anyone with a passion for nature, wildlife photography, and travel. Hopefully this channel can provide a glimpse into what the nature experience is like and encourage more people to take a wildlife safari one day.

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