A Rainy Spring Day in March, first Dtube vid

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A Rainy Spring Day In March

I am hoping it is a sunny and warm day where you are. No rain. Unless the Earth needs it. Here is a flash back to the spring when the clouds were so heavy they were cutting out the middle man and raining umbrellas. Actually this is an opportunity for me to try out Dtube with a little moving photos and accidental, on purpose image art.

The musical piece is A Brighter Heart by Audionautix and it is available in the creative commons but not this version.

This version was remixed a little by me.

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All photos are my own


A few more stills from the video





Nice effort DTube image art.

Thanks, Kam:)

We need raining umbrellas here! Love it :)

Thank you, Ross:0

Very welcome :)

Rainy here again today and for the rest of the week the same but we may see some sun this weekend
that is such a cool video I love the transitions

Everyone seems to be getting rain now. But I guess it is good. Will help control the summer fires.

That’s true and it’s good to be looking fir the positive side 👍😎😂

Have a great day

It's been a rainy year so far here in our place and so much more now that the monsoon season is here.

Yikes. Stay dry:)

Good to see you doing some DTube. Maybe it is time to do some Ms Lotus Blossoms or what was her name :)

Thanks, Paul. Now that I have figured the dtube thing out I'll upload more. I am not sure about putting LB up there. For one, I would have to see if I could directly upload or have to convert the files and that means finding a decent free file converters. And then people might confuse LB for me. Also those videos are so time consuming but I'll see:):):)

I remember you did some funny ones like joking about Brad Pitt was it or some other dude lol. I also liked the ones where you read on screen. You mean convert from your phone video format? Now I always for every video use Handbrake. it is free and really makes the files much smaller. Been using it for at least 5 or 6 years now. Makes uploads faster and fewer glitches. It also can do some converting. Feel free to ask anytime.

Free and open source.