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OMG YOU GUYS! The Steemit blockchain is just moving forward at such a crazy speed. Everytime I log on, there is something else happening, something new, something exciting. What is even happening?

I wanted to share a short video I made for my small business that I run, my side hustle. I am busy making a video on how to edit photos and videos on your smartphone, and need a reference video on the chain - so I thought one of my own vids that I made from scratch would be awesome to refer to.

Being a girl boss aint easy, but it definitely is awesome to run your company exactly how you see fit.

Since I am only selling my vintage jackets online, and not full time, I decided to use free platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Gumtree. If it goes the way I want it to go, I will get a website on a platform like Shopify or similar.

For now though, I am spending a bit of money on advertising on Instagram and Facebook - hence this video - I needed to create something to boost in my Insta stories - I did this a while ago and had good sales because of it, but this time I wanted to try a video.

So, with the knowledge I have from Steemit about copyright imprinted on my brain, I set about finding free to use, copyright free images, and music. I couldn't resist making a video with The Rolling Stones though, so this is just my personal video to show you guys :D

I created all the images on Canva, and edited and added music through iMovie. All on my phone! Can you believe it?

Keep your eyes on my blog to see my tutorial on how to make videos and amp up your photos, all on a smart phone xxx

Your thoughts matter to me. I upvote each and every well thought out comment that graces my post. To encourage dialogue and interaction. 💜


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Cantcha hear me knockin? You knew I was going to like it, didn't you?

I'll have something to say about the Stones tomorrow. I tried to say it today but I'm just having a Meh day. That's the way it goes in my life.

I love your ideas and business. My friend Jangle is a magician with Canva... I'm going to send this to her. Maybe get her head out :)

Haha I really did think of you when I was doing the video! Canva is a bit iffy in my opinion, but it’s probably because I know how to do the same design in photoshop - I just tried to do everything on my phone, and was successful with Canva. 🌸💜🌸

I’ll wait for your clever comment x

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Greta choice of song and greta to hear your side businesses is going well, keep at it and may it keep growing

thanks so much @tattoodjay i hope you are well

YEs doing well thanks Busy with my grandkids today and for a few days so having a great time

That’s awesome Jay! Family time is the best time ❤️🌸💜

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 last year 

This sounds like a great idea for a side-business! The jacket in the photo is totally rockin'! Love it! I wish you the best of success with this endeavor! 😃

Thank you so much! It is going well so far, and I’m enjoying it. For me, those are the important things

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I've been wanting to try out dtube but the video editing seems little bit steep. I've been dabbling with graphic design and photo editing, but video editing just seems next level. When you make the video could you also include some basics about posting to dtube?

I totally could! What kind of things are you keen to know?

well when I was watching the video, it looks like the dtube frontend has different text than on steemit. Does dtube post directly to steemit? I guess just the basics 😛

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Yeah it does post directly, it’s just another front end. I will work on something for you ,xxx

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Well done, and good luck for the future

Why thank you sir! Will be posting my how to vid soon!

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Very impressive! Good luck with your side hustle and keep showing us all the magic you can do on your phone! ;-)

Thanks hun! I will do ❤️❤️💕🌸💕💜❤️

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Well now that's impressive what you can do on your phone! I think my eyes would need a test after I'd spend the time to make it though! I prefer the bigger screen to work on! The bigger the better! Maybe my eyesight is just a shambles lol!

Haha I totally agree!! I love my Mac, it’s a friggen joy to work on, but it’s also amazing what you can do with a phone. I spent my first year of steemit posting from a phone


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This is great, @princessmewmew. The jackets are beautiful, and your marketing strategy seems really smart. What a great way to get a business launched without an enormous investment. Good luck!

Thank you so much @jayna x

I source the jackets from Italy, and I’m super proud of them - we don’t get such amazing jackets here in SA.

Thanks for your good wishes xx

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That's awesome! Keep up the great work, and don't take no for an answer!

That song was perfect for the video. Simple, to the point, no nonsense and down to earth. And the Stones are just awesome anyway.

Stones are awesome! They were the first band I thought of when I made the video. I did make a less exciting version with free to use music, but it’s not the same

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Nice threads and great video @princessmewmew. Marketplace is ok but they censor my items usually. Have you tried eBay? Good luck 🙏

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Yeah they censored some of my fur jackets, finicky bastards. eBay is not such a big thing here, so it wpuldn’t really work. I’m thinking of Etsy though

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How cool is that?
Loving it 😊
All the best

Thank you x

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Great little video😍 hope you sell out!

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Ah thanks my guy! Me too hey!

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Very upbeat sound, love the jackets, good luck with tutorial and future sales.

Thank so much @joanstewart x love the stones x

You know the secret to becoming a TOP seller is to have YOU as a model in every single photo right? :P

Hahaha you funny bunny... I’m actually looking for a model to help me as the they do sell quicker when you can see what they look like on a body.

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Hey I'm keen to learn more regarding video editing on Dtube, I tried to upload a video last month but has trouble with the platform. But the time to try again is near, since you're reminding me.

Yeah Dtube can be iffy. But keep on trying, it’s fun!

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Thanks princess, will do.

Oh it's so cool that you sell these, they're awesome <3 And the video rules. Good luck, I hope this business goes swimmingly for you!

Thank you so much! We gotta hustle y’all!

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Loooooove iiiiiiit!

Girl I want to see more of your jackets! Loving them! long as there isnt any doom involved 😆

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It's always great to rely on oneself without giving any explanations to others. Being your own boss is awesome. Regards.

These classic jackets will never go out of fashion, they are beautiful, I wait for you to show us how to do that with the mobile, I need to learn jajaja

Awesomely Awesome. 💕
May you be ever more successful 🙏

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