The Internet is an Experiment

in #dtubelast year

It's an experiment to see what comes out

Photo source: Pixabay


It's really clear that's an experiment, very interesting thoughts. I always watch your videos till the end and like your ideas. This title is really catchy, and I thought about this topic a lot. I understand that they are gathering data to control people, but what if this experiment lead to the improvement of people, what if we will have more modern people. The internet also have a lot of positive things, because we can connet with people from all arround the world and learn a lot. It's depend of course on people how they use it.

The experiment with the internet is one of the most powerful if it's the case. You can say that we all have now common consciousness. I kind of like it, but in the other hand, maybe more people are degrading than improving, because people mostly use it to be in those social media to prove their uniqueness. I hope people will use it more to improve.

That's why we have to be careful using it and not to trust anything written or recorded. We have always to control our thoughts and not to be manupulated by this huge web. #dtubechallenge

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