Communities to Keep Steemians United! - #2020Vision Day +4

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Communities are our from Beta and now live on the homepage. Almost at the same time, the other STEEM frontend, SteemPeak has made communities integrated on their platform. It's great to see two big websites gathering Steemians around this awesome blockchain! I have to admit that SteemPeak looks awesome and I hope that that will force Steemit to do a better job with their design.

Also, 2 video platforms, 3Speak and D.Tube are integrated communities inside their websites. So, when you upload a video it goes directly to their communities and if you want to get your posts visible on your Profile page, you have to RESTEEM it.

I'm sorry that I have used this space for spreading great news from STEEM, but it's maybe a good thing to mix things up... At the end of the video, I have done my physical activity (besides walking for more than an hour), so I'm covered! :)

You can find more details about the #2020Vision challenge in the first post by @pixiepost here:


Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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Up the stairs again Zoltan, and yeah Steempeak is really great, I use it on both my phone and tablet, just want a more elegant solution than the current cross posting though, but I am sure someone has a good idea, stay awesome.

It's hard for me to switch from Steemit to SteemPeak as I'm using steemit for over a year, but I'm trying!

Yeah they changed so much in the latest update I have to relearn Steempeak too, but I am sure you will get it soon, lot's of features to learn though.

I appreciate the feedback and tips on the new communities. Since we are all relying on each other right now, it's important for us to help one another. I resteemed my post last night & the process was seamless. It's just a matter of remembering to do it lol.

Love how you fly over the stairs & make it look effortless, Mr. Superman. Continue to #pushon in the #2020Vision challenge.🧚‍♀️🦄💜🙌

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So, we are helping each other with new stuff on Steemit, we are doing marketing on social networks, we are bringing value to the chain... What the heck are doing those guys in Steemit? :D :D

Thanks for the heads up...I did not know you could resteem and get those on your profile page. Thanks ;)

You are welcome! As there is no official manual for this, we have to help each other to understand this thing! :)
Thanks for your comment!