Meadows and Makers Podcast Episode 52 August 17 2019 Recording

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Hello my brothers and sisters of Steemit!

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Show mantra "I will be an inextinguishable light of possibilities for myself and others"

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Maker and Homestead Guests

In today's episode I brought on @senorcoconut whom is a self described "Franco-American Traveler, Artist, Homesteader and The Permaculture of Things with Anarchist Tendencies"

He started a journey last year to get off-grid and live a more holistic life with his family. We get into his story and his future vision to create a place to teach methods to live a more abundant lifestyle connected to the earth. We covered all kinds of topics to include permaculture growing techniques and experiences of living life off-grid and some of the challenges that go along with it.

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Awesome time! Thanks again for tgis oportunity @makinstuff. I realized after we closed the conversation how quick it all went and I never got to tell you about the Makerspace I want to incorporate into this community. I miss having my little metal shop 😁.

And about burning man... as a maker, I think you would love it there, there is so much wild inventions in the world of mechanized objects and things.

You're welcome back on anytime my friend. Hopefully in the near future we can meet up, and do some projects together. I'd love to head to burning man at some point. Maybe I can haul my trailer out there.

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Yes, hauling that trailer out there would be key!

I'm sure we'll meet at some point 😁. I will be looking to connect the types of communities that you and I and @eco-alex and many others are building. Like a bigger tribe made up of small villages through out the planet.

I have a friend in France who is, right now waiting on a severance check from her soon to be ex-place of work, she and her man want the same thing... autonomy and community... food and health sovereignty.... So there may be another sister village we can tie on to!

How's the winter in Alabama?

This is an effort going on by several folks I have been following, some who are pioneers are Marcin Jacubowski, Ben Peterson, Alosha Lynov, Derrick Broze, Geoff Lawton, and Mike Reynolds.

I'd love to go to gatherings to share ideas of how to build strong self-sustaining communities. A trade and alternative currency network can be formed.

Big vision I would like to reward folks for turning in waste products into me on a local level so I may use them to make products.

It gets to around freezing in Winter but not much below. We usually never get snow. So still cold but no snow.

You're welcome down this season if you wanna come check it out my friend.

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Ha Yes, thanks for the invite! You knew exactly where I was going with this question!

Marcin is the Open Ecology guy right? And Reynolds is earthship... I know some of the other names but a couple I will have to look up. Thanks

Yep Marcin is building open source technology and has developed a working model to educate other and keep developing new tools. He's looking for folks to become local collaborators as well. I can get you connected if you're interested. Yep Mike is the earth ship guy. Ben Peterson pioneered a technology called the wastebot that can convert most discarded plastics into usable diesel fuel. Geoff Lawton has pioneered a project to re-green the desert using permaculture techniques. Alosha is hosting workshops for building domes using aircrete and has learned from Mike and Geoff. Derrick has created a project to trt to link these self sufficient communities around the idea of agorism. Everyone has built communities around their projects. Exciting times. The evolution is not televised. You're welcome anytime my friend. Just holler at me when you're interested in coming.

Ah man, thanks! All those guys and what they're doing is giving me chills!!! I really love it and yes please connect me but perhaps not yet... I feel I need a little bit more time before I can dedicate myself to it.

A good talk with two awesome steemians! Thanks y'all!

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Thank you for being there to participate in the conversation my friend!

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Thanks Nate!!! It was fun to just ramble on 😁