Meadows and Makers Podcast Episode 46 July 6 2019

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Hello my brothers and sisters of Steemit!

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Show mantra "I will be an inextinguishable light of possibilities for myself and others"

In this episode, I have on a returning guest and good buddy @robbieolson on the show to give the audience a chance to ask every question you wanted to know about aquaponics but were afraid to ask.

Robbie has been through the ups, and downs of battle testing different aquaponics designs in a quest to grow the healthiest produce for his family. He has written his own guides to help give you fundamental knowledge about how the systems work out of frustration for the lack of information available online. He is currently working on the best means of distributing these guides, but if you are interested please contact him through his email

You may also find him at

Here is the YouTube embed as well:

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This weeks guest:


Exotic Materials and Technologies. Next Level Aquaponics. Constantly learning and seeking enlightenment.
Aquaponics Setup and System Design

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