Meadows and Makers Podcast Episode 44 June, 22 2019 Recording

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Hello my brothers and sisters of Steemit!

Show disclaimer, the views and opinions reflected on this show are those of the hosts/guest and are for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Many thanks for the title image from @soundwavesphoton.

Show mantra "I will be an inextinguishable light of possibilities for myself and others"

In this episode I have on guest @projectsupercar who has been sharing his journey to build a diy supercar project of his own design on and Steemit. We discuss how he got started with the project and his vision for turning his prototype into a production kit. This was such a great conversation, and an inspirational project.

We also discussed some interesting topics about choosing to be the change you want to see in this world, solutions to change the current system, and chasing your dreams.

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This weeks guest:


Trying to make my dream, of building my own car, come true.
Aerodynamic Undertray on my DIY Supercar: Prototype Ep12

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Hello my friend, been trying to connect on Discord to no avail. I even joined the PAL server... My handle is solcycler#2160. Maybe it'll work from your side.

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Hey brother, I just found you on discord and will send you a message tonight to follow up with you.

Great show! I have been meaning to listen for some time. Finally got around to it.

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Thanks for checking it out @andre-ager! @projectsupercar is super cool.

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I enjoyed the podcast, we went off topic a little, but covered a lot of interesting subjects. ;)

We did get a bit off topic, but that is a common thing on my show. I am about the freedom of humanity and building the new systems that leave the old one behind. Its always refreshing getting to chat with others that are similarly aligned.