Meadows and Makers Podcast Episode 47 July 13 2019 Recording

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Hello my brothers and sisters of Steemit!

Show disclaimer, the views and opinions reflected on this show are those of the hosts/guest and are for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Many thanks for the title image from @soundwavesphoton.

Show mantra "I will be an inextinguishable light of possibilities for myself and others"

On today's episode, I have on returning guest @nateonsteemit He is an agorist in training and practices permaculture. I recently helped coach him on getting a crowdfund going on He is currently seeking help getting more chickens to replace his flock that was devastated by a predator. He is transforming his 1/2 acre suburban plot into a food forest and looking to inspire his community into becoming more resilient and self sufficient.

Check him out here:
Support his crowdfund here:!/@nateonsteemi...

The second half of the show I brought on my old co-host and friend @jackdub who updated me on his current journey of building a new off-grid house on his property in Canada. He has been a great mentor of living off grid for me. He is quite passionate about cannabis, and has been reviewing several strains since cannabis has become decriminalized in Canada.

Check him out here:

Follow along with me on my personal blog if you're interested in the topics I cover on the podcast.

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Maker and Homestead Guests

Makers and homesteaders specialize in making difficult tasks easier through the use of modern, experimental, and well tested technology. We'll chat about their latest projects, interests, and involvement with Steemit.

This weeks guest:


Forest person.
New Baby Chickens On the Homestead


Off Grid Living :)
Let's Build a House - Land, Zoning, Permits, Inspections, Foundation - Part 1

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