88% Done

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When I used to rent, I looked forward to the lease ending and moving into a new place. This meant that I would get to design my new home again.

I always painted the walls, and worked around with the soft furnishings. It was fun.

Even though I did enjoy furnishing my brother’s homestay, I just didn’t have the kind of energy I used to, obviously.

Well, it is pretty much done, Just a couple of things that are out of stock and some orders online that have just arrived. But otherwise, yes it is ready for our first guests who are family, so it’s all good.

Here’s a quick walk through :).


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It looks great but I'd like to see the toilet as well as that's quite important!!!

Also, please do put a TV in there. A home feels odd without a TV and although people don't watch it that much nowadays, especially if you're visiting, it's still nice to have some noise when you come back, plus people may want to catch up on the news.

Toilets are very important to me too
I should have shown it even though it is part of the 12% not done 😬
Ass soon as the mirrors and shower curtains/cubicles are up ....

You are right, TV is a must eh?
That will be done too 😊

Thank you so much for your input
I really do appreciate it especially since you travel quite a bit too 😁

ah, sorry, didn't realise that was the 12%!

Love what you're doing and putting your own twist..
I miss it all back home :)

I can imagine
Soon you will be home, even if it is only for a bit 💗

This looks SO IKEA! LOL....
Reminded me when I had my headache on how I wanted to plan my own home.

It is exactly haha