From BKK To KL || Crossing Borders On TimeLapse

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For way over a month now, it has been nothing but SteemFest 4. First planning, then prepping on to actually arriving in Bangkok to experience what I'd been waiting for a whole year.

Now that it's over, I'm back to routine. Here is my trip back home on time-lapse. I will come back to share the highlights of my one week there. Just want to hang on the feeling a little bit longer for now ;p

Thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.


Thank You For The Music

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Welcome back!!i know you had a blast at Bangkok but I also know you miss your family and vice versa. =) take a good rest before life rolls in (and we know life always won't wait for us). ❤️

Spot on!!
I hope you will be able to make it next year :D
.... I hope I will be able to make it next year toooo hahaha

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Now I know who you're .... seen your account but didn't who kaerpediem is, hehe ... let's catch up on Discord! Thank you so much for coming out to our meetup! How is your Steemfest withdrawl?

Ta-dahhhh ... hahaha
So glad I came out too
You got me thinking of all the places I have want to visit in my country and share on travelfeed and it is exciting :)

I came back and started convincing The Hubs that he has to come for the next Steemfest
And how great it would be to take the fam with us haha
There's 6 of us though... so if it is in Europe... well, better start saving now...haha

So good to have met you, I already like the website... and now I know the people behind it ... makes it even more special <33

Happy return home @kaerpediem 🙂! It was a pleasure to meet you at SteemFest 4 🙂

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Thank you :D