The RM1 Massage

in dtube •  9 months ago  (edited)

My son pulled something when he sneezed and has been limping for a few days now.

So we took him to a physiotherapist. When we called them to book an appointment, we found out they were having a promotion, an hour for RM1.

Feels like a RM1 weekend because yesterday I got Boba Tea at a RM1 promotion too. Not complaining ;p

It was a bit of a distance, but we made that trip. And of course, since they had a free session, I had to have one too. My shoulders were happy.

Hey, thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.


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It's been a while, I missed some of your vlogs. Great to see you again!

Got caught up with SteemFest fever
Now hangover haha
Need to get back into routine :)

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As always, I am impressed with what you do!!

Thank you Marianne
So missed you at Steemfest
Hopefully next year is middle ground for both of us.... or Steem moons <33