Steemfest Fever

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This is late. I was supposed to have posted this hours ago. But first with no sleep, trying to catch the 3 a.m. bus to catch the 7.20a.m. flight, there was too much excitement.

But here is what I did yesterday to prep for a STEEM shoutout on the streets of Bangkok. I made a patch that says .....

Well watch the video and if you are here at Steemfest, you will see it soon enough. Let me know what you think...

It has been quite the adventure getting to our hostel. A bus ride and then a 19 minute walk that felt like 45 minutes because of the sun. I confess it is also because we kept stopping to take pictures 🤦🏽‍♀️. We had to.

We arrived at our hostel and was pleasantly surprised. I will show you what it looks like in another video. Right now, quick shower and then off to pick up @elizacheng at @waybeyondpadthai’s @thirstea.

Then it is to register for #Steemfest!! Excited much haha. And you will come with me 😊

Til then.. cheers,

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You girls are amazing with all the videos!!! Love this video! And wow... everyone walking behind you sure will know you now with that on your backpack!!!
You didn't sleep at all back home??? How can you tahan???
See you shortly!!!

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I pengsan the next day while Khim and Jess were talking to Mikey
I excused myself and got myself a power nap hahaha