Just 2 Sleeps Away From SteemFest4 || 1 Sleep Away For My Daughter's Big Exam

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So close now. Packing is well underway. Money changed, daughter's stuff for her exams sorted out, groceries for kids,. Making space on phone and camera's SD so I can take enough pics and videos.

But honestly it is Thailand. Everything is familiar enough to sort out over there if need be. So I am not too worried as long as I have my passport and some cash.

Now, just waiting to experience what I have read of the last couple of SteemFest. So far, just from the itinerary, it looks like I am going to be quite happy I decided to go. Will fill you in as the days unfold.

Thank you for dropping in and hanging out. Truly appreciated.


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Did you press that button that said do not press, aww your a big playful kid. For some weird reason I'm feeling excited about you upcoming trip, and my only days activity is mowing the lawns.

I think you might have too hahaha

I hope the next time you will be part of the excitement in person :D