Misconception to avoid while making a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION.

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I posted this vlog a week ago or so, but I could find it on the Steem blockchain. So here I am posting it again to figure out why.

Hello wonderful people of steem blockchain. A Happy New Year from me to you'll. It's still quite the beginning of a New year and we all have various things we wanna make aright this year. It's majorly to classified as a New year resolution due to the fact we identified and stated them out in the beginning of a New year.

I have got the chance to observe the attitude of few individuals towards their set goals in the beginning of this year, and I could observe they have painted a totally different motive concerning it. That's why I've decided to talk and share concerning the subject matter "Misconception to avoid while making a NEW YEAR RESOLUTION"

The major misconceptions I've observed are; some individuals see New year resolution to be a magical thing, they feel as long as their goals were set as a part of New year resolution it is definitely a surety it will be achieved, they feel there isn't need for strive and extra effort in order for their goals to be achieved, and lot more.

I discussed about these major misconception in my video, and what exactly is the right mindset to put on in achieving a set New year resolution. Watch video for more....



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