It's Crypto Mondays - Stop Watching This, Watch That!

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The thing about Steem is this...We attach a 'price' any all our content. And whether we want to admit it or not...The value we believe our content has is directly related to how many rewards we are getting....

That's why downvotes KILL momentum for would be content creators and new community members to the blockchain.

So let's stop looking at the PRICE of Steem and the rewards we get...And worry more about the relationships we build and the people we meet.

That's community. That's how we grow....

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As a matter of fact, downvotes are in 99% just bot accounts with very low steem power and we can ignore them in most cases. Focusing on tribes can help, because those downvotes are useless there.

In general, create, comment, engage and don't worry. 😃

That's what it seems like to me as well. From what I can tell, they are bots that are being set to target members of certain curation clubs, voting exchanges, tribes, pools, etc.

I have only been downvoted once since returning to Steemit, ironically on my first post back. Eventually, I am sure it will happen more but will ignore it.

My recommendation is that the @Steemit development team make it a requirement to manually enter comments for any downvote. I could even support this for upvotes as well.

I agree with Jon and Blain, screw em! .......... I'm here for the party!

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Not this guy who is downvoting people who receive SBI upvotes, he isn't low on SP and a few other tokens. But his downvotes are automated, so he doesn't really care who he downvotes, other than they receive upvotes from SBI.

Kinda like it was with bitbot users, except MAYBE there it had a bit of sense, here it has none. Like Jon said, maybe people were gifted those SBI units, and now they find themselves downvoted.

Yeah, I know... There are 2 major stupid downvoting people... (SBI guy and Camille guy)...

I just can't understand the mental profile of those guys... OK, that Camille doesn't have investment, but this other one has $10k-$15k invested in STEEM!! And he is pretending to be someone and protect the rewards... In his short-minded brain don't see that he will protect it from himself one day... When everyone left the STEEM, the price will go down and his investment to the dust...

STEEM without the community can't survive, and he is killing the community in its very roots... Some came to the platform and being downvoted will left... and everything because of a few pennies from SBI votes... C'mon...

There are 2 major stupid downvoting people...

I'm pretty sure there are more. We just haven't run into them... yet. Both smartness and stupidity goes around. The worse thing is when someone is stupid smart. :D

I have a small dialogue with the guy right now....He feels like he's protecting his investment. Which is fine...I just don't know if he understand exactly what SBI is supposed to represent. But at least we're talking...Heck, he even gave me a fat upvote too :)

I think at the end of the day, everyone wants the same from Steem!

SBI owners are usually small Steemians... and he is downvoting them... and killing their moment... That upvote of a few cents is someone's bread...
And I have already said this once... Automatic downvoting is a bad thing... and hitting the smallest accounts is just a coward move... He protect the pool from a few pennies...
Anyways... don't want to go more into this...

I am still receiving some downvotes from new accounts (rep 25 and 10SP). They downvote me exactly 0.00000. Why do they exist?

It's part of Steem these days unfortunately...Downvotes are a part of the culture here. I'm no fan of it personally.

Thanks for a great show Jon, and exactly on point it's the community that matters, the upvotes would not be worth anything without it anyways, at least not in the long term.

So keep on building engagement and community, that's what will last, and stay awesome.

That's the ticket for sure man...Focus on the people :)


The downvotes can be troublesome. There has been a rise in the number of new, faceless accounts that do nothing but downvote. I'm not sure what they want to achieve, but I don't think it's good overall for the blockchain. I hope something can be done to counter them.

It goes against in my opinion what helps Steem the most....Community. And when people dont feel valued, they will leave.

@tipu curate

Thank you very much!

Thanks @jongolson and @blainjones for a great show, even when you froze towards the end it was fun! Thanks also for explaining the downvotes, I've been a victim of those quite a lot lately, all from faceless people. Anyway, I'm not gonna focus on that or let it get me down. I'm going to move on and continue to curate here on the wonderful Steem blockchain! Happy Steeming, Lee :)

Thanks Lee. Yeah it's the ugly side of Steem...I think it's gotten away with what it was intended to do. But alas...It's decentralization!